How many cores does your PC need to have to play games on Steam in 2022?

What is the processor configuration that users are currently using? This is one of the questions that Valve’s game distribution platform seeks to answer, which takes data from its users and publishes them in the form of statistics. The latest relevant information? The most used processors on Steam are 6 cores. Are we facing a change in usage trends?

Steam hardware stats are a good way to gauge consumer trends when purchasing hardware. These are essential for video game developers on PC, since it helps them to know what specifications they have to direct their future projects to. This helps them to get the most juice possible in terms of performance. The last? The end of the use of processors with 4 cores, something that was seen to come since all the ranges of Intel and AMD in recent years did not drop below 6 cores.

Video games are extremely complex applications that are made up of a huge number of interdependent processes running in parallel. So they not only require a processor capable of solving the largest number of instructions per clock cycle on average, but also a large number of cores. That is why PC gaming for years has become a way of measuring the power of processors and the primary application for which they are designed. After all, if a CPU moves you any game, it will also do it with any type of application without problems.

6-core processors are the new standard according to Steam

Steam collects spec information from its users and publishes it periodically, which allows us to analyze what PC users who use their computers for gaming as a primary task have. So it is essential information to get an idea of ​​what is being used right now to play by the bulk of the population. More so now when we are in a period of hardware shortage with a tremendous lack of stock of graphics cards.

Steam 6 cores stats March 2022

As you can see in the image, the use of 6-core processors on Steam has surpassed 4-core processors for the first time, with a percentage of 34.22% in the first case and 33.74% In a second. The difference is marginal, but it is the first time that there has been an exchange of positions and it is expected from now on that the differences will become wider over time. In any case, we must bear in mind that not all Steam users are active players and that Valve only takes data from those who usually use their platform.

To finish, it should also be noted that the 17.72% of users are running 8 core configurations and we still have a 10.47% of people with 2-core configurations. Something that in the middle of 2022 and with the two cores relegated to very low-end devices, well, it surprises us.

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