How many Dune movies are there?

dunes It has always been one of those recurring franchises that seduces a director every 30 or 40 years, who goes crazy trying to turn Frank Herbert’s novels into reality. Also, its pages have become a well of inspiration that allow each new person in charge to imagine the world of Arrakis in a thousand different ways. Which leads to mammoth projects that sometimes don’t end too well.

how many movies are there dunes?

Although we are going to enumerate them, it must be said that, thanks to Denis Villeneuve, you have become fond of dunes and you want to consume everything that has been produced in recent years, you should know that the saga has also flirted with television, through two miniseries that you don’t know the same and that had the misfortune of arriving in the days before streaming platforms. What does that mean? First, they did not have much financial support, the technical means are not what they are today and, as if the above were not enough, there were times when the format and the idea of ​​its creators were not respected to adapt them to the television grids and the technology of the time, when enjoying a 16:9 Smart TV was not the most common. On the contrary, the 4:3 tube TVs ruled over the rest.

It is the case of Dune The Legenda miniseries released in 2000, and sons of dune, three years later in a three-episode format with a duration of five hours that, when it reached the Spanish grill, became two three-hour episodes. Take a look if you want to how those adaptations were.

In any case, the most relevant acknowledgments he has received dunes have been almost always through his movies which, in that case, we don’t have many. See what they are…

Dunes (1984)

We can say that it was the first time someone hit the nail on the head when adapting the novels of dunes to the cinema format. At hand David Lynch, which is saying a lot, as well as a cast that for the time was surprisingly large and well-known. If even the great Sting appeared playing one of the key roles in history. In its day it was misunderstood and the public did not support it, but over the years it has been earning a place within that strange list of films that end up being cult.

Dune Part I (2021)

What to say about this film by Denis Villeneuve and that, like the one from 1984, it also divided the public between those who hate her and those who love her. On this occasion, thanks to everything that can be created with computers and VFX, the world of Arrakis comes to life like few others in a story that is divided into three films that will be released in the coming years. So we are immersed, until further notice, in the dunemania while the Canadian director’s plan is being completed.

Wait, one last Dune missing?

Missing in this list an adaptation of dunes that would have been the first of all because there was a director (Chilean to be exact) who insisted on taking it to the big screen but, finally, it was impossible. He is commonly known as the Jorodowsky’s Dune and, apart from being a really personal and strange vision for the late 60s and early 70s, it was going to have names that will surprise you: HR Giger, Dan O’Bannon, Pink Floyd or Dalí himself.

Since the movie was never made, we leave you right here on top the documentary that premiered in 2013 and that narrates the plans of Alejandro Jorodowsky to convert the novels of dunes in reality. What would have come out of here?

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