How many iPhones are sold? So they are against Samsung and Xiaomi

That the iPhone is the Apple’s flagship product it is something that nobody doubts. And, since 2007, their mobile devices have not stopped growing in market shares, despite going through small bumps. A recent Counterpoint study now looks at how the smartphone sales during the third quarter of 2021, leaving Apple in a very good position.

Apple grows in Europe thanks to its iPhone

The Counterpoint study focused on European Union countries fixes the market shares of the main mobile phone manufacturers during the months of July, August and September. If we compare these data with the same period of 2020, we can see that Apple ranks third.

With a 22.1% market share, iPhones stay very close to Xiaomi, who are in second position with 23.6%. A little further away is still the first position led by Samsung with a 30.4% market share. Of course, it must be said that while Apple and Xiaomi grew, Samsung has fallen from the 35.8% market share it had in the same period of 2020.

Followed by Apple are other companies already further away such as OPPO, realme, vivo, Motorola, Nokia, HONOR or Huawei. The growth of the first two is particularly noteworthy and the collapse of the Chinese companies Huawei and HONOR, which were formerly within the same matrix and that the impossibility of being able to use Google services continues to weigh them down.

It must be said that in this study exact phone models not given, but it is to be expected that for example the iPhone 13 has not had an impact if we take into account that it was released on the market with just a few days left to close that quarter. In any case, it is appreciable how Apple continues to scale despite the fact that its competitors offer many more smartphones of different ranges and prices.

In the United States there is no discussion in his leadership

Unlike Europe, where Apple grows little by little, in its native country it has an undeniable first place that is repeated year after year. IPhones are the favorite devices of the American public as demonstrated in the part of the Counterpoint study that refers to smartphone sales in the United States during the past quarter.

iphone sales united states q3 2021 counterpoint

In this country, the Cupertino company reaches a 42% market share, this being a growth of 3% and leaving more weakened Samsung, who follow them with a 30% market share. South Koreans lowered their share by 5% compared to the same period in 2020. Already far from these, there are companies such as Motorola or TCL with 7% and 6% shares respectively.

We will have to keep waiting for new studies with which to know more exactly which Apple phones are succeeding the most. And especially during the current quarter, since it is traditionally the one that leaves the best data for the Cupertino company when it coincides with the launch of new iPhones. The foreseeable thing is that by the end of the year the iPhone 12 will be the best-selling, but we will closely follow how the iPhone 13 is.

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