How many Marvel characters have lifted Thor’s hammer in the MCU?

Since the first teaser of Thor: Love and Thunderall the topics related to Asgard and its people have been on the lips of the fans although, the one that took the cake has been the appearance of the Mighty Thor, Jane Foster’s superheroic alter ego, wielding the Mjolnir, weapon that was allegedly destroyed at the beginning of the movie Thor: Ragnarök. So from this scene we have decided to remember all the characters that, throughout the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, have lifted the hammer of the God of Thunder.

Does it weigh a quintal?

The reason why it is so difficult to lift Thor’s hammer for any mortal is not because of its weight, which concentrates hundreds of kilos in just a few centimeters, but rather because it is enchanted by Odin himself, so that only one who is as worthy as Thor can wield it.

So that these characters that we bring you can enter this list, they must have wielded the hammer, that is, they have had to pick it up in their hands for a while. So without further ado, let’s start with the review:



After provoking a war between Asgard and Jotunheim at the start of Thor, Odin banishes his son to Earth as punishment. But before launching him onto our planet, the All-Father strips the God of Thunder of all of his belongings and abilities, including his main weapon, ripping it out of his hands and wielding Mjolnir for a few minutes. Finally, Odin decides to conjure the hammer so that whoever is worthy to wield it will possess the power of Thor.


During the events of Avengers Age of Ultron, our heroes manage to snatch from the villain a genetic cradle with a synthetic body attached to the mind stone. After breathing life into him thanks to Thor’s rays, Vision is born, which causes a talk between the Avengers, who do not know if it is a copy of Ultron. In one of the most amazing scenes in the entire MCU, the new hero raises Thor’s hammer unexpectedly, as if effortlessly, thus earning the trust of the team. It should be noted that within the UCM it is still unknown if he was able to raise it because he was worthy, or because being a newborn his soul was completely pure.



After Odin’s death at the beginning of Thor Ragnarök, Hela, the older sister of Thor and Loki is freed. When the God of Thunder throws her hammer at her to try to neutralize her, she catches it and destroys it by crushing it with her bare hands. In addition, in the palace of Asgard we can see a mural in which show us that she was the original carrier of that mighty weapon.

Captain America

Captain America.

In one of the most exciting scenes in all the MCU movies, during the battle against Thanos in avengers endgamewe can see nothing more and nothing less than Steve Rogers wielding a version of the hammer that Thor himself stole from Asgard during the time travel with which he got the infinity gems. The fact that the Captain was worthy was hinted at in the second movie of The Avengerswhen all of the team, and after a partythey play to see who is able to lift it.

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