How many more are you better? Learn how to choose the ideal hard drive for you

The big advantage that hard drives have over solid state drives, or SSDs, is their greater storage capacity. We can get a unit with the same capacity for less than half the price. However, it gets to the point where having more capacity means paying more for something that we are not going to take advantage of seriously. Of course, this depends on each user. How many terabytes do I need on my hard drive?

Our advice is that even if you run the applications from an SSD that you always have a hard drive to store the different data that you accumulate over time. One detail that we have been observing for years is that there are useful things that were on the network of networks that have disappeared. On the other hand, it is always good to have enough capacity to store our work. Of course, working in an office is not the same as editing videos where the file sizes are between 10 and 100 times larger.

The hard drive teras paradox

The ideal size for a hard drive in a PC can go up to 4 TB per unit, which are the sizes that we can find when going to buy one. However, there are brands that offer larger capacity drives. However, today, most users can work with ease having 1 TB and at most 2 TB. As we pass from that point we have to be very justified and very thoughtful that we will use all the storage, since we reach the point where each extra gig has less value than the previous one.

Think that the teras of a hard disk are to store data, that is its functionality and if they are not used for it, they are money lost on our part by not giving them a utility. The other problem has to do with the fact that the more data there is when doing a search on a part of the disk, the slower it is. Because Windows uses a file, called pagefile.sys that works as a library’s sort file. The fact is that the larger the capacity, then the larger the file and, therefore, the longer it takes to access the information.

That is why many users prefer to use partitions or allocate an unused part of the hard drive for the operating system and applications and then leave a partition for saving files. And yes, it sounds counterproductive, but if you have the economy for two 2TB hard drives and you use a tower, it will always be better than a 4TB one. What is the reason? Division of work, it will be much easier for the system to find the information at all times.

How many do I really need?

Now, our advice is to go for an SSD if you can, but if you have to choose a hard drive to store information in the back room, then always look for a hard drive with a capacity that is twice that of the state drive. solid of your system. You may not be able to install one internally, that’s okay, try to have an external one with a USB-C connection or if you can’t USB 3.0 or 3.1. That is, those of the bluish connection.

In any case, we recommend a 1 TB one for Windows, what’s more, we recommend that the operating system and the most used applications have their own drive if you have a tower computer, so try to use two hard drives. One of low capacity and another of very high.

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