How many post-credit scenes does Spider-man: No way home have?

Marvel films have a peculiarity that almost everyone knows: at the end of the tapes there are always one or two post-credit scenes waiting for you, either to give you more information about upcoming projects with which it connects, to provide data that complements what you have seen or just do some funny thing with which to make you smile. Spider-Man: No way home it does not get rid of them, so in this article we are going to detail how many it has so that you do not have to wait so long (or yes) at the cinema.

Spider-Man: No way home has 2 post-credit scenes. One of them appears right after the film is finished, while for the other (which is more than a scene itself, by the way) you have to wait for all the credits to pass to enjoy it.

Attention: from here we proceed to tell you what can be seen in each of them. If you haven’t seen the movie and you want them to be a surprise for you, don’t keep reading.

First post-credit scene

The first scene happens just after the end of the film and shows us nothing more and nothing less than the journalist Eddie Brock, or what is the same, our beloved Venom. With this, the red carpet unfolds for this mythical character who makes the leap «from Sony» to the UCM, something that we already knew was going to happen and that finally lets us see the actor Tom hardy connected with the saga of the factory.

Brock is in a kind of Latin chiringuito and is asking a waiter about a certain Peter parker and jotting things down in his notebook. When he seems to be determined to go to New York in search, a glow takes over his body and disappears, making it understood that he had sneaked there, like the rest of the villains, because of the spell of Doctor Strange and that he already knows. goes back. The problem is that when it vanishes, it leaves remains of its body on the bar counter, as a clear indication that it will be present in the current Spider-Man universe and will surely be the next great villain in the saga.

Second post-credit scene

Well, this is not a scene in itself and in fact more than one did not like the way of introducing it at all – while others are delighted, of course. And it is that what Marvel has done is to put directly the first teaser trailer from Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, thus allowing to see a good number of scenes from the long-awaited film and thereby promising that the Supreme Sorcerer will return soon.

We can thus get an idea of ​​what this film will be like that connects, of course, with what happened in the third part of Spider-Man, since we will see the consequences of having opened the multiverse. We will have the presence on the tape of Wanda, who Steven will turn to for help as well as with the appearance of other characters such as América Chávez (Miss America), who can be distinguished by the jacket with a star on the back that he wears.

Undoubtedly, the “other” Doctor Strange that we see on the screen, who would face (supposedly) our avenger, we do not know yet in what way.

Remember that the second installment of the film of the Supreme Sorcerer is scheduled to premiere on May 6, 2022.

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