How many times have Batman and Superman fought (and who won)

The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin, Enigma… Batman has a good handful of formidable enemies that threaten Gotham City. But without a doubt, one of his most fearsome rivals is .. Superman. The Dark Knight and the son of Krypton have come to blows more times than you can imagine. From racy discussions to bloody carnage, these are the times that Batman and Superman have fought in the comics.

Batman and Superman are great friends, but also even more formidable foes. We have all fantasized about who would win in a fight between the son of the sun and the one of the night and, luckily, the comic book writers too, leaving us memorable fights (and not so much) between Batman and Superman.

Surely something remains in the pipeline, but Batman and Superman they have fought about 16 times in the comics (We are not going to count animated films or series) and these have been the results.

The scoreboard for the battles between Batman and Superman

  • World’s Finest Comics number. 143 (1964). The two heroes come to blows from a bullet ricocheted off Superman that hits Batman. Winner: None, the blood does not reach the river.
  • World’s Finest Comics Issue 151 (1965). Some aliens take away their powers and force them to fight like in a gladiatorial circus. Winner: None, they refuse to fight thoroughly.
  • World’s Finest Comics number 240 (1976). The Kandorians ask Batman to kill a drunken and erratic Superman. Behind everything is an alien cat, seriously. Winner: Batman. It seems like he kills Superman, but then saves him.
  • The Dark Knight Returns Issue 4 (1986). The fight par excellence. The president of the United States sends Superman to teach Batman a lesson, but Krypton’s son gets sheared. Winner: Batman with the help of Green Arrow.
  • Man of steel Issue 3 (1986). Superman is not convinced that Batman is clean wheat. Winner: Batman. They do not reach the hands and in intelligence you do not beat the bat.
  • The Dark Knight Strikes Again number 1 (2002). The facts of Dark knight returns and also the result. Winner: Batman, with the help of half the Justice League.
  • Batman 612 (2003). A Superman controlled by Poison Ivy takes on Batman. Winner: None, Superman breaks the spell in time.
  • Superman Red Son number 2 (2003). In an alternate reality, a Soviet Superman faces off against an anarchist Batman. Winner: Superman. Batman has the upper hand, but Wonder Woman saves Superman and the Dark Knight kills himself to avoid capture.
  • Lex Luthor: Man of Steel number 3. Batman is manipulated by Lex Luthor to confront Superman. Winner: Superman without messing up when he disables Batman’s kryptonite armor.
  • Superman number 219 (2005). A mind controlled Superman believes that Batman is a dangerous enemy. Winner: Superman and leaving Batman to drag.
  • Superman / Batman numbers 53 to 56 (2008). Batman gains Superman’s powers and becomes dangerous. Winner: Superman with help from the Justice League.
  • Justice league number 2. During an alien invasion, Batman and Superman believe that the other collaborates against the invaders. Winner: The fight stops soon but Superman.
  • Batman / Superman number 1 (2013). In an alternate world, two young and inexperienced Batman and Superman face off. Winner: Superman.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 1, number 12 (2014). Superman, crazy lost, comes to fists with the bat. Winner: Superman breaking his back on Batman.
  • Batman number 36 (2015). Infected by a poison from the Joker, Superman and Batman have a brutal fight. Winner: Batman, even if you don’t want to admit it.

As you can see, we are not going to count Batman’s punch to Superman in A death in the family.

The final count

The most recent confrontation we witnessed in Batman / Superman Annual # 1 (2020). The comic was touted as the ultimate fight, but nothing of that.

Mxyzptlk and the Bat-Goblin they fantasize about how Batman and Superman would win the other to conclude that, in reality, Superman and Batman would never fight. The power of friendship and all that. Forgettable, a trick. Winner: None.

This is the marker for the moment: 4 draws or no matches, 5 wins for Batman and 7 for Superman.

We are sure that it will not be the last time they face each other. And yeah the fight in Snyder’s movie Batman vs superman, is the only salvageable thing about her. A good recreation of what we have always wanted to see on the big screen, even the little affair of Martha, of course …

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