How many users can I create at most in Windows?

Our Windows computer can be used by different people, each with their own account. So that everyone can have their defined and personalized workspace, the Microsoft operating system allows you to create user accounts. This makes things much easier when the PC is shared with other people, even to control access to the smallest of the house. Within the workplace, it is easy for companies to require several user accounts for their different employees.

That is why it is possible that the computer we use requires the use of several user accounts. For this, Windows offers us the possibility to create different accounts, manage them, give them privileges or delete them. In relation to this, it is possible that on some occasion we have wondered how many user accounts we can create in Windows in case there is some type of limit in this regard.

What are Windows user accounts

When we talk about user accounts in Windows we refer to those that give a person a personalized computer access and to the different settings and programs it contains. Thus, the same PC can be used by different people, each with their own user account, so that they can have everything configured and personalized to their liking. Every time a person logs in with their account, they will find the operating system configured and personalized just as they chose it. When closing the assignment and starting again with another account, it will change to the form of another user, and so on with each of the people who have created an account.

User accounts are created by the team manager. To be able to access with a user account it will be necessary to enter a name and password which helps to protect our privacy.

The limit is marked by your computer

In case we had doubts or were wondering, we should not worry about the total number of accounts that we can create on our Windows computer. And it is that the Microsoft operating system does not have user limits, for which it is possible to create as many users as the capacity of our hard drive allows. For this reason, it is important to bear in mind that if we create many user accounts, it is possible that it could negatively affect the performance of our PC and its operation in general.

That is why, despite the fact that Windows does not offer a defined limit of users that can be created, within the real world in which we move, this limit will depend on the use of computer resources, mainly from the hard drive and the registry. Please note that when you create an account for the first time, these are just registry entries. Subsequently, the size of the account can vary and grow widely, but the registry cannot grow without limits.

Also, when we log in for the first time with a new account, our user profile will be created, which will require space on our hard drive. As we can imagine, the capacity and size of this can also vary widely. That is why the more accounts we create and the more content it has, the more space it requires from the hard drive to the point that it can run out.

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