How many users can I share my Steam games with?

Playing our favorite video games is one of the leisure activities that we most often do with our computer in our free time. Since the use of the Internet became standardized and connection speeds increased, platforms began to emerge from where we could purchase and run our games. One of them is Steam, possibly the most popular and long-lived. Among its characteristics, it stands out for offering the possibility of lending our games with family and friends.

In our Steam library we may have a wide variety of downloaded games, to which we may not be able to spend as much time as we would not like. Thanks to the possibility of sharing games, other people will be able to access and download them for free, being able to play while we are not using them.

Share your Steam library with other users

Just like when we have a game in physical format we can lend it to any friend so that they can play from their computer, in the digital world we can also do something similar. And it is that Steam authorizes us to make a family loan from our library of games. This is something we can do up to 10 computers at the same time, as well as even in 5 different accounts. They can use all of our games on any of the authorized teams.

In order to activate the possibility of sharing our library of games, it is necessary that we have activated the “Steam Guard” protection in our customer account. Later we can activate the sharing function through the “Family” section that we find within the “Parameters” tab of the platform. From here it will also be possible to authorize both users and teams with whom we want to share our games.

Limitations when lending games

The possibility of being able to share our library of games with other users is more than interesting. Since, in this way, they can play them for free without having to buy them. Of course, we must keep in mind some limitationsAs one might expect, it is not a perfect function in every way, although it is true that it should not spoil the final experience.

Steam game library

One of the limitations that we are going to find is, for example, that it is not possible to share certain games,s libraries are shared and borrowed in their entirety. There are also some of the games that cannot be loaned, such as those that require a password or a subscription to be able to play. It is also not possible to play a shared library on two or more teams at the same time. In addition, the receiver must be permanently connected to the Internet to be able to play the games that we have shared with you. And of course, you can only play when we are not using that game. In the event that we decide to start playing when our friend is playing, he or she will have a few minutes to stop playing or to acquire the property to continue playing.

In this way, we can allow other people to play with those titles that we have abandoned or that we no longer want to play, just as other users can do with us, allowing us to save a good amount of money when playing with our PC.

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