How many users can I share my Windows key with?

The vast majority of desktop computers at the moment are commanded by Microsoft’s operating system, Windows. There are several editions and versions that we can use at the moment, although all of them require a personal password.

Most of you already know that these keys of the Redmond operating system are what identify our own Windows. Let’s say they could be considered as the DNI of our system and for which we pay in order to enjoy all the benefits of it. It is true that we have the possibility of using Windows without this access key, but it will be limited in many sections. Of course, they are the most interesting option to work with our computer on a daily basis.

Microsoft system license types

It is true that obtaining a license or key of this type has a price, but we can always use an open source system that has no cost. This is the case for most of the Linux distributions that we can download and install on our computers. Another of the sections that we must take into consideration is that there are different types of keys that we can acquire and use. We meet the OEM, the Retail waves Volume. At the same time, it must be taken into account that the first two are especially suitable for the end user, while the third focuses on business use.

Therefore, in the event that we have a Windows key or license OEM or Retail type, perhaps on occasion we have wondered with how many users we can share it with.

If we start from the base, he left a license of these characteristics that far exceeds 100 euros, we can consider the idea of ​​sharing it with others. This is something that, for example, can usually be carried out with certain licenses for some of the programs that we install on our computer. In this way we have a single password that we use on a certain number of computers so that your program works on all of them.

Sharing the Windows key, myth or reality

But unfortunately in this case, if you have ever considered this move, we will tell you that it is not possible. Keep in mind that Microsoft limits both Windows OEM and Retail keys to a single computer. In fact, even depending on the type of hardware we change or update our PC with an OEM license, we could lose it.

At the same time we must know that the Windows key that we bought at the time, is registered with the hardware of our computer on Microsoft servers. Hence, when we install Windows we need an internet connection to activate the operating system. Therefore, if we try to use that same license on some other computer, we will not be able to, so we can forget the original idea we were talking about.

In addition, for all this we recommend that you always keep a backup copy of this key stored in a safe place. Because it is unique and non-transferable, we can use it, for example, in the event that our system is rendered useless by a virus attack or some other reason.

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