How many users can share a Microsoft 365 account?

When it comes to office suites, Microsoft’s Office has long been the benchmark in this sector of the software market. It is made up of programs of the popularity of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. In addition to this part of the time, the firm proposes a subscription model to this solution called Microsoft 365.

On many occasions it may be the case that we do not need to acquire an Office license, since we need its programs temporarily. In the same way, the situation may arise in which we do not want to make a large outlay for these programs at one time. Either way, Microsoft gives us the opportunity to subscribe us to your 365 program to be able to enjoy and benefit from the advantages of these office programs.

The first thing we must take into consideration in this regard is that here we are going to find the usual Office solutions that have been with us for years. The main difference between the suite as such and Microsoft 365, is that in the second mode we will never have our own license for these applications. Let’s say that we are renting them for a certain time and for which we pay a subscription. As you can imagine, this is very useful for those who only need these programs for a while.

In addition, we must also know that the company offers us several ways to subscribe depending on the users who are going to use the suite. Therefore, at this point it may be the case that many of you wonder how many people can use these Office applications simultaneously.

People who can simultaneously use Microsoft 365

As we mentioned before, the software giant here offers us two different realities to subscribe to this set of applications. On the one hand, we find Microsoft 365 Personal. Here we can make use of all the programs that are part of Office temporarily thanks to the subscription mode, but only for one user. Therefore, it is assumed that we will not be able to share or loan these applications to any other person.

But it may happen that we need that same license, even by subscription, to be used by a greater number of users. It is worth mentioning that the Redmond firm gives us the possibility of increasing that number of people, which answers the question previously proposed. For all this, what we have to do is opt in this case for the Microsoft 365 Family subscription.

Well, for those who have ever wondered how many users can share a Microsoft 365 account, say that the maximum is six. This means that we can use our own contracted subscription, and add other five more users. They may use this subscription simultaneously. Once we know all this, there is no doubt that this subscription model can be a great solution for certain users. In addition, to all this we can add that if we opt for the Family option we will obtain an important economic savings Regarding the Personal mode.

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