How many versions of Minecraft are there and what are their differences?

If we want to play Minecraft on a Windows computer, we will find that there are two different versions. Which at first glance may seem the same, but they really have different characteristics and, therefore, different development branches. What differences are there between both versions and what performance can we expect between the versions Minecraft Java Edition and Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft?

One of the paradoxes of Minecraft is that despite being programmed in Java, and therefore ensuring that it works on any system that runs a virtual machine for that language, it cannot be run on mobile devices. This is because despite the fact that both Android and the operating system of Apple devices are not compatible with said virtual machine. The consequences? Having to create a separate edition which they baptized as Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Well, over time Microsoft ended up buying Mojang, the company that developed Minecraft, and decided to develop a version for Windows 10 for that operating system, but based it on the Java version and yes on the Pocket Edition. So it can be said that Minecraft Windows 10 Edition is derived from the mobile version. The difference is that we are talking about a version optimized for PC processors and it makes use of the services of the Microsoft operating system.

Minecraft Java Edition vs Windows 10 Edition

Because the capabilities of mobile phones were in their infancy compared to what we now have in our pockets, Minecraft for mobile started out as a very miniaturized version of Minecraft. Minecraft Java Edition. Of course, we cannot forget the evolution that both versions have had, which have been titanic during all these years, but because they start from different origins they have had different developments over time.

Minecraft Java Edition, needing to run the Java Virtual Machine to run, you need a much more powerful processor than Windows 10 Edition, so the latter requires less powerful hardware to run. In addition, it has the advantage of having its graphics engine optimized to make use of dedicated hardware such as the graphics card of our PC.

Minecraft Java Edition

Facing the multiplayer game, Minecraft in its Windows 10 Edition has the online cross-play capability with platforms other than PCThis includes Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. This is something we can’t do with the Java Edition for PC. Instead, the great advantage of the Java Edition is the huge number of mods it has and the fact that there is a community that creates them without the control of any company.

On the other hand, the Windows Edition is receiving improvements from Microsoft’s own people. Of course, a good part of them are ideas taken from the Java Edition modding community. (

minecraft version Advantage Disadvantages
Java Edition Much more comprehensive mod support Does not have cross online with consoles // Requires more power
Windows 10 Edition Crossplay with consoles // Ideal for modest teams there are no mods

Which of the two is better for me?

So we are left with both versions, after all, we can both run them on our PC and the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft is light enough that you can even run it without problems on a low-end PC. Let’s not forget that it derives from the Pocket Edition which was designed to work on mobile. So a computer that can run the Java Edition will be able to run the other version without problems, however, we cannot say the same in the opposite case.

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