How much do I have to pay on Netflix if I’m sharing my account with other people?

Netflix has confirmed what was already an open secret. Shared accounts have come to an end. As of today, the company is restricting the profiles of its service by limiting access from different IP’s. The idea is that people who do not live in the same household pay extra, so we are going to tell you the options that exist and how much you will have to pay more if you are sharing an account.

I’m sharing my account, what happens now?

Netflix Extra Accounts

If you are sharing your account with people who live in the same home (your family or a student apartment, for example), you won’t have any problems. You will be able to continue using shared Netflix and that everyone has their account with their tastes.

If, on the contrary, you are using your account and share it with people who live in another home, you will have to pay an additional amount to the monthly fee for that extra user that has been added to your profile.

Netflix Extra Accounts

It all depends on the type of subscription you have. Remember that Netflix offers 4 different plans: Basic with ads (720p), Basic (720p), Standard (1080p) and Premium (4K). Only the Standard and Premium plans can add extra users, being of 1 extra user in Standard mode and of 2 extra users in the Premium plan.

This means that even paying the most expensive subscription with 4K resolution, we can only have 2 extra users in our Netflix account. That is of the 5 available profiles, it would stay like this:

  • 2 profiles would be of people who live in the same house
  • 1 is a child profile
  • 2 are extra profiles of people who live in other houses.

How much does it cost?

Netflix Extra Accounts

Each extra user has a cost of additional 5.99 euro to the monthly fee that you pay for Netflix, however, as we have indicated previously, you can only add up to a total of 2 extras. The monthly fee would remain as follows:

  • Standard Plan with 1 extra user: €18.98.
  • Premium Plan with 1 extra user: 23.98 euro.
  • Premium Plan with 2 extra users: €29.97.

Right now I share Netflix with 3 other people, what will happen?

Netflix Extra Accounts

Unfortunately there is no option to pay for 3 extra profiles, so one of your 3 friends/family members will be left out of the Netflix group. In the event that you add 2 extra users and a third is left out, you can use the “Transfer this profile” to bring all settings, viewing history and preferences to another separate profile.

Netflix Extra Accounts

To add extra users to your Netflix account you must access the control panel of your account (the owner user who pays the monthly fee) and enter the new option called “Extra Subscribers”. It will be there where you can “buy an extra subscriber pass” for 5.99 euros per month.

It is important to clarify that these 5.99 euros will be paid by the main user of the Netflix account, and not by the extra user who is receiving access.

What if I’m traveling?

Subscribers will be able to continue using their accounts at a hotel or on another television. This is how the service itself has specified it, so in principle there should be no problems doing so. How does it make the difference that you are traveling or that the connection is not made by a shared user? We imagine that they will control the time of the session, since in the case of a trip the connection to the service will be in a few days and not in the long term.

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