How much does El Rubius save in Andorra?

On January 18, 2021, El Rubius confirmed the bombing live, when he announced that he was leaving Spain with his partner while playing soccer. Rust. He did not explicitly say that the destination was Andorra, but it was Andorra. The main reason, according to him, was to be with his friends youtubers who were already there, in addition to having more privacy … and paying less taxes, which was also a plus, according to him.

That generated a whole debate about how much the Rubius was saving leaving for the small neighboring country and if it is really worth moving for that.

One of the countries with the lowest taxes

The truth is that, in Andorra, taxes are lower than in most European countries, which makes it a very attractive place where athletes reside, youtubers and other famous people.

To give us an idea, El Rubius operates through the company Snofokk SL, which continues to have its headquarters in Spain. If you finally move to Andorra, the maximum Corporation Tax there is 10%, while in Spain it is 25% for a company of this type.

However, that is not where you will save the most. In Andorra, Income Tax (IRPF) is also 10% at most, while in Spain it can reach 47% for all the euros you earn above 300,000.

Besides that, buying is also cheaper, because your VAT is 4.5%, while in Spain, and many other European countries, it is 21% or close to that.

However, El Rubius has always claimed that the main reason was friendship, since almost all its people live there for a long time.

What youtubers friends of Rubius are in Andorra?

Andorra is the country with the most Youtubers and streamers per square meter of the world, so El Rubius is not going to feel alone. Stars like Vegetta777, Willyrex, Staxx, Lolito or The Gregf They are some of your neighbors, they know each other and they have been living there for a while.

Too Alexby11, with his 9 million followers, was the old roommate of El Rubius and now they will meet again in Andorra, although each one at home.

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, aka the Rubius

In addition to them, other popular figures in the network, such as Ampeter or ElmilloR, also reside in the neighboring country.

The truth is they are not the only famous who walk through its streets, so it is possible that El Rubius meets some days with athletes such as Jorge Lorenzo or celebrities like Borja Thyssen.

There, in addition to paying less to the Treasury, they also enjoy a greater intimacy. El Rubius has recognized that in Spain it is very difficult for him to go out on the streets and fame has produced episodes of anxiety.

Be that as it may, El Rubius has followed in the footsteps of many of his friends and that has made streamers and youtubers consider the change of residence. Meanwhile, other giants, such as Ibai Llanos, have the opposite opinion and have made it clear that they will continue to live, and pay taxes, in Spain.

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