How much does it cost to visit Apple Park?

If you are an Apple fan and you are looking for exclusive products from the company to show your love for the brand, you should go to the visitor center that the company has in Cupertino, located in California. If you want to know how much it costs to enter and more details about this center, we will detail it in this post.

When the inauguration of this center was known, many of the brand’s followers dreamed of being able to visit it and see first-hand how it works, but Cook assured that opening the doors to visitors would be something like “the nightmare of my existence to maintain the confidential things. These statements raised the hopes of fans of Apple and architectural design, who wished to one day be able to enter to visit the impressive ring-shaped building. Former Apple chief designer Jony Ive made similar comments in an interview in late 2017: “we didn’t make apple park for other people”adding that “Apple Park is our home“.

However, they did think about the visitors, and there is an area very close to the center where people will be able to get to Apple Park. This is the Visitor Center, which includes a store, exhibition space and cafeteria, as well as a view of the campus façade and its main building. Cook stated that this center was built for fans and tourists, to be as close as possible to the park, with a roof terrace that offers a good image.

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If you want to visit this center created solely for visitors, you have to know that going there is completely free. It is true that it is not in a very accessible area and you will have to go by car. Apple Park is not on the outskirts of San Francisco, it is about 80 kilometers from Union Square, one of the most neuralgic points of the big city. If you add to this the exhausting traffic, it can be that the journey takes up to an hour at times to get from downtown San Francisco to the Visitors Center of Apple Park, in Cupertino. And this is where we recommend that you book an appointment if you plan to go.

The Apple Park Visitor Center is a large all-glass rectangle with rounded corners. The ground floor is divided into three zones by walls that do not reach the end of the façade, so there are no internal doors and you can freely go around the entire space. Just above there is a terrace from which you can see the imposing company building in the distance.

In the store area that they have enabled you can find exclusive products from that Apple Store. They usually have mugs, caps and other types of souvenirs, however, fans of the brand are overwhelming with this type of merchandising, so it is somewhat complicated to find the ideal size of the shirts or all the models of the mugs. Of course, as expected, the prices of these souvenirs are in line with the prices that the company has for its products.


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