How much does the entire official Sony PS5 setup cost?

PS5 is the last of the consoles that Sony has been launched on the market and which represents the new generation of Japanese machines but, unlike others, it still continues to arrive in stores with a dropper. It seems incredible that two years after its coming-out, no one can go to an establishment and say without problems that they want to take one. But that’s the way it is… for the moment.

A whole line of peripherals

But now imagine that you have been able to get yours and that you want to cover your new acquisition with the best of the best in terms of peripherals. a good monitor gaming, wireless headphones with surround sound and why not, also virtual reality glasses that will arrive in just a few days. whatDo you know how much you have to spend? to have all the setup official machine from sony?

Well, we are going to reveal it to you, taking only the best peripherals of all those that have come through the Inzone brand, which is the name that the Japanese have decided to give their new line of accessories that are inspired by colors and some original PS5 design lines. The white color above all, and some elements that are reminiscent of that candle shape when we keep it vertical on the desk.

Monitor, helmets and VR glasses for PS5

So the first thing is to go for a good monitor. And here we have the model with 4K resolution and 144 Hz refresh rate and just 1 ms. response speed. It is the Inzone M9 and with it we are going to obtain the best performance possible in all those games that we want to enjoy with the most comfortable frame rate for the eyes, although it is also true that it will take us a peak to have it. Specifically 1,098.99 euros.

The next thing we’re going to go looking for are helmets. Here Sony offers three models but we are going to go for the highest, that not only has active noise cancellation but also incorporates 360º audio technologies, which in a video game means experiencing the action practically from the very center, with all the objects spinning around us with brutal realism. That is why we are left with the Inzone H9 which, indeed, also cost a bit.

Finally we are going to procure a PlayStation VR 2 for PS5which are the glasses that hit the market on February 22 and that represent a significant technological leap compared to the first model for PS4: eye tracking, higher resolution on each of the screens for each eye, new controls, a single cable to connect them to the console and the absence of a camera to complete the package of VR. So we also add its price, which is 599 euros at the time of its launch.

How much does this 100% Sony setup cost us? Well, if we add the 549 euros of the price of PS5, In total, the order comes out for 2,521.97 euros.

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