How much does your Smart TV consume?

If a miracle does not happen between now and March 2023, the citizens of the European Union will have to say goodbye to the possibility of buy tvs with 8k panels. The measure comes with some controversy, because it is not a . But… How much does a TV consume? Let’s talk about this topic a little more in detail.

How much does a TV consume?

When we buy a new TV, we look at the panel, the viewing angles, and the operating system that gives it Smart TV capabilities. It is rare that you consult the environmental label. However, televisions are cataloged with respect to their consumption, just like any other appliance.

However, in order to sell a TV in the EU, it has to meet certain minimum efficiency requirements. All this information can be found at energy label.

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In televisions, this tab catalogs a range from A to G depending on the energy consumption and the performance of the equipment. In the middle of the label the average consumption of about a thousand hours of use is marked. Inches, number of pixels, and equivalent consumption with HDR options enabled are also specified.

What do you consume the most from a television?

These are the most important factors to consider:

  • Resolution: the higher the resolution, the higher the consumption. We could already appreciate this years ago with mobile phones. More pixels usually means higher energy consumption.
  • light power: TVs with HDR capabilities consume more, as they need more power to make the panels shine.
  • Prosecution: All image and sound enhancement capabilities also have their energy cost. Although more and more efficient chips are being assembled, this point is also important for consumption.
  • Sound: it is another forgotten, but it is also taken into account to assess the total consumption of the television. It is measured taking into account the nominal power in watts of the entire set of speakers of a television.

Is it worth it to change my television for a new model only taking into account energy efficiency? If the one you have works well, it is reasonable to think that it does not. In the end, the environmental cost to get rid of the TV you already have and buy a new one that almost certainly exceeds the margin you save on an energy level. It is usually much more interesting to do a responsible television consumption:

  • Turn off HDR if you don’t need it. Likewise, use the correct scene mode for each case. Why use an ultra bright mode at night, when you really don’t need it?
  • Turn off the TV if you’re not watching it: There are people who need the background noise of a television, even when there is no one in front of them. At a minimum, you’ll be saving 80 watts an hour.
  • doAnd the standby?: Some televisions can consume between 2 and 3 watts in stand-by. A year, it translates into approximately 5 euros on the bill. In most cases, it will not compensate you to completely disconnect the television, but we leave you the data there in case you are interested in saving here too.

Measure the consumption of your television with these accessories

All televisions sold in our country go through a series of controls. That is why they are sold with a series of environmental labels. Regardless of the television you have at home —and whatever period it is from—, your model fulfilled in one way or another the minimum guidelines that were required at that time. Those same rules are the ones that are going to be tightened in March 2023, and that could end the 8K panels in our territory. If you want to keep an exhaustive control of the consumption of your TV, the most interesting thing you can do is buy a consumption meter.

The models with screen allow to quickly see the consumption in real time, as well as the accumulated. You can even program the price per kilowatt to see how much it is costing you to have an appliance on.

On the other hand, you can use smart plugs. They have some consumption in stand-by, but they also allow the consumption of a device to be recorded in a simple way. In addition, we can cut the current even if we are not at home.

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