How much money can I earn with ChatGPT?

For a few months, Artificial Intelligence has been on everyone’s lips. This is due to the wide possibilities that it makes available to us when generating any type of text, image or even video based on a description, although, in the case of an image or video, if we add a sample, we will always get the best results. In the case of ChatGPT, it has become very popular in student environments to do day-to-day tasks or even complete projects. But, in addition, it is also reaching other sectors allowing, even earn money.

ChatGPT, like Bing Chat, are not perfect. They are still a long way from creating perfect, coherent texts based on reliable data, despite the fact that the latter does add links that support their answers, something that ChatGPT grows from. If we are thinking about whether it is really worth spending time on ChatGPT and turning it into a source of income. we must take this into account since, by limiting the data to 2021, the information it can show will not always be the most up-to-date possible.

To generate money with ChatGPT, we must take into account a number of factors. On the Internet, we can find a large number of tools that allow us to detect if a text has been written by an AI or if it has come out of a person’s head. Both ChatGPT and the rest of the similar artificial intelligences have a series of patterns that are easy to detect, not by us, but by other machines, so we must always review the texts that are generated to adapt them to our style to our form. to write. Once we are clear about this important factor, we can talk about the different ways that this technology allows us to monetize.

  • Internet content. Thanks to ChatGPT we can create all kinds of content for any web page, as long as we take into account that the information will not always be the most recent as the data is limited to 2021, so it is not a good idea for current content. Mainly related to technology. Writing texts on any topic with ChatGPT is very fast and easy.
  • Generate programming code. Another interesting way to earn income through ChatGPT is by generating programming code. On the Internet we can find a large number of web pages that allow us to access job offers, very well paid, by the way, offers in which texts or codes are requested in certain programming languages ​​to perform a certain function that they do not create because they are simple but it takes development time that they are not willing to waste.
  • Creating web pages. The company that is not on the Internet, we could say that it does not exist (although it really does not). Creating a complete web page, including code, with ChatGPT is very easy. This AI is capable of generating descriptions of a company’s services as well as for all the products it puts on the market.

at the time of earn money, each one must establish their own prices based on how they value their work. But, obviously, it is not the same that all the work comes out of our mind than using an Artificial Intelligence platform like ChatGPT.

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