How Much Will GIGABYTE AMD X670 Chipset Motherboards Cost?

Last week we saw for the first time the first motherboards intended for future AMD Ryzen 7000. It was during Computex and several of the most famous manufacturers in the sector showed their proposals. Well, we finally know price of motherboards with chipset X670 and its Extreme version. It has been thanks to GIGABYTE that has filtered not only the specifications, but also the price. How much will the upgrade to Zen 4 cost us later this year?

There is one thing that is very clear, for those who plan to build a PC based on Ryzen 7000, it will not be easy. The reason behind it by now we all know. It will be the first time in more than five years that AMD will abandon the AM4 socket to adopt the new AM5. So it will be necessary to change the motherboard to be able to use this processor. This being not the only outlay that we will have to make, since AMD’s commitment to the new DDR5 memory is total. However, what interests us as the end user is to know how much this update will cost. Well, luckily GIGABYTE has leaked the prices of its X670 and X670E chipset motherboards.

What will be the price of motherboards with X670 chipset?

At the moment we do not have the models of all manufacturers under the future top-of-the-range chipset from AMD. So we will have to get a rough idea with the GIGABYTE leak. Although since this is a market that is a red ocean where the models of the different manufacturers are not far apart in terms of price. What happens when they have identical features.

And what is the price of GIGABYTE X670 motherboards? Well, as you may have imagined, there are various models with different features in terms of connectivity, as well as the number of available ports of each type. However, we can get an idea of ​​the price range in which they are located to get a general idea of ​​what we will have to save to acquire one of these plates for the Ryzen 7000.

  • The most expensive of the motherboards will be the X670E AORUS Xtreme what will it cost between 500 and 600 eurosyes
  • Second, and in descending order, we have the X670E AORUS Master which will have a price around 400 euros. The same can be said of the Gigabyte X670(E) AERO D which will cost the same price. The only difference between the two? One M.2 slot plus the AORUS, two USB4 ports for the Aero.
  • Now to finish we have the X670 AORUS PRO that will be placed below the others, but above 300 euros.

So, as you can see, the jump to the Ryzen 7000 won’t exactly be cheap. In any case, we must not forget the boards based on the B650 chipset that were also presented a few days ago. Be that as it may, the price seems exaggerated to us and is expected for any transition to a new generation of processors that brings with it a change of socket.

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