How much will I receive in pension or unemployment? So easy you can calculate it

Regardless of whether we are self-employed or employed, as the years go by, we ask ourselves what our retirement will be like, not only how we are going to enjoy it, but also how much money we will have left once it ends our work life. To calculate the amount of the pension that we will receive, social security will be based on our contribution history of, with the last few years, almost our entire working life. Knowing this information is at the hand of anyone from home and in just a few seconds.

While employed workers contribute based on the agreement they have reached with the company, the self-employed are the ones who decide how much they want to pay every month, the more they pay, the more money they will receive when they retire, the same thing happens with workers with a foreign door The contribution base is also used to know how much money we will receive in case we go to unemployment at the end of our employment contract. As we can see, the contribution base is essential to know how much money we are going to receive whether we go unemployed or retire.

Social Security allows us to know both the contribution bases that we have accumulated and the time we have left to retire and how much money we will charge based on the prices of the last few years. The process is different in both cases, although both can be done directly from the social security website without leaving home.

retirement simulator

Through this service, we can know at what age we are going to be able to retire and, approximately, to know what will be the amount that we are going to receive. In addition, it also allows us to simulate future situations based on current contributions, making it ideal for people who are about to retire as well as for people who want to know if they will have a decent pension at this rate of contribution.

In order to access the Social Security portal and access this retirement simulator, we must click on the following link, where we must click on Get Access. Next, we must use an electronic certificate, access via SMS or through Cl@ve Permanente or Cl@ve Pin. If we do not have an electronic certificate, the simplest way is to use the SMS via the telephone number that we have registered with Social Security.

Once we have accessed the social security portal, we must access the Retirement Simulator menu. The information shown is based on the data that Social Security has so far about our work history. In addition, it also allows us perform simulations that allow us to increase the amount of the pension to be collected if we go unemployed, we change the contribution base, we change the Regime and others.

Know the contribution base

If the retirement age is still a long way off and we are more concerned with knowing what the quote basis, we must access the Social Security portal, in the Reports and Certificates section, and then click on Report of contribution bases. We can directly access the online report of our contribution bases through the following link.

social security contribution base

Next, we must use the method with which we want identify us on the platform, either with an electronic Certificate, access via SMS or through Cl@ve Permanente or Cl@ve Pin. The quote report is shown on the screen and, in addition, we have the possibility of downloading it by clicking on Download quote base report.

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