How often do you have to change the battery of the Apple Watch?

The first thing you should know is that there is a function capable of telling you what the battery health of the Apple watch is, which in itself is a good indicator, since in this same section it will tell you if it needs to be changed. Obligatory will never be, of course, but in the end it is true that when it deteriorates excessively, the experience worsens, since it becomes very tedious to have to recharge it two or more times a day.

Depending on your use, this would be the average

In Apple smartwatches, as in any device that offers lithium batteries, there is a certain degradation over time that is considered normal. However there are certain habits that promote faster deterioration in less time. Actions such as letting it always discharge to 0% and even turn off, using non-recommended chargers, plugging and unplugging them intermittently and daily …

He too use made of the watch It affects, since it is not the same a user who barely uses the Apple Watch more than to see notifications and little else compared to another who performs sports training daily and uses the health functions that it incorporates very frequently. Now, putting ourselves in the middle between those two audience profiles, the battery should continue to offer good performance during 3-4 years perfectly.

It is logical and even expected that in the second, third and fourth year the battery will last less. In fact, the strange thing would be if it remained the same or that it improved. We understand that this cycle could already justify not only a battery change, but also a more recent generation watch that provides other novelties. But you also have to take into account that, if you are happy with the watch and it seems like a too large outlay, creplacing the battery will be a cheaper option than buying a new watch in all cases.

Advice to keep in mind if you decide to change it

As with many other brand devices, the recommendation is that always go to an official technical service, either that of Apple or one of the SAT (Authorized Technical Service). This is because they are the ones who have fully original tools and parts that will guarantee the correct operation of the device, in addition to offering a guarantee for battery replacement.

At Apple this procedure has a cost of 97.10 euros, since it does not enter the guarantee except for when it is a factory defect. And while it may sound tempting to get it cheaper from an unauthorized center or even on your own, in the end you won’t be getting genuine parts and could even render the watch unusable.

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