How Soon Can I Obtain a Credit Card?

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Credit cards make it simpler to pay payments and make purchases while also assisting with credit building. Even incentives on your purchases, like miles or points, are offered by certain credit cards.

You may be wondering how long it takes to acquire a credit card if you’ve never applied for one before. 

While you may apply for a credit card online and get approval in a matter of minutes, it could take some time for your card to arrive.

When it comes to how long it takes to send new clients a real credit card, each card issuer varies. You can estimate how soon you’ll be able to start using your new card after you’re accepted by being aware of how the overall procedure works.

What Credit Card Issuers Take Into Account Before Approval

When examining requests for fresh credit, credit card providers take a variety of things into account. If you fulfill the basic standards for each of their consideration areas, many will be able to automatically accept you. 

However, if your application is close to being accepted, an internal team will probably need to examine it. These businesses may consider the following when approving your credit:

  • Credit Score: Credit card providers routinely verify applicants’ credit scores with at least one major credit reporting agency. In general, the quicker your application is granted, the better your score.
  • Your Debt: Your debt-to-credit ratio, commonly referred to as your credit usage ratio, is a crucial factor in whether or not you’re approved. The ratio represents how much of your available credit you have utilized so far. Your credit score is impacted by this ratio to the tune of 30%. You can come out as a hazardous borrower if you have several of your credit cards maxed up or are approaching your credit limit. And therefore, if you need 500 loan urgently and you already have debts, then don’t hope for approval.
  • Delinquent Accounts and Credit Pulls: Credit card companies also review applicants’ credit reports to determine whether they have any recent hard queries and delinquent accounts. Delinquencies are shown on your credit report if you have a history of making late payments or if you apply for credit too often. Your likelihood of being approved will probably decrease if your report contains delinquencies.

Income: Credit bureaus will inquire about your income and if you are working or running your own company. Employed income is usually seen as the least dangerous.

The Length of Time it Takes to Get a Credit Card Authorized

Making sure your credit history is in excellent condition before applying is the key to quick approval. 

When your application is complete and your credit score is good enough to be approved, you may usually get a quick credit card acceptance. Make sure you meet the requirements for approval by doing some study beforehand.

A mail-in application may not be as quick to be accepted as an online application. In any case, ensure sure all fields are correctly completed. 

A manual review might be necessary and the process could be slowed considerably by missing information. The approval procedure could be sped up with accurate information.

Although online applications may be granted in a matter of minutes, credit card issuers are obligated by law to reply within 30 days. 

If you’re applying in person or over the phone, and you’ve provided all the necessary information, you could also learn if you’ve been authorized in a matter of minutes. 

Applications sent by mail could take several weeks.

How Soon Can I Expect to Get a New Credit Card?

The kind of card you applied for, as well as other factors like possible postal delays, may affect how long it takes to obtain your new card. The majority of credit card companies ship replacement cards within 10 to 14 days. 

Number of credit cards and debit cards in the United States from 2012 to 2019 (in millions)

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If you want a special design, which some companies provide, it can take longer. If you pay an extra cost, “rush” delivery may also be an option for you.

How to Proceed After Receiving a Credit Card

Before using your actual card after receiving it in the mail, you must first activate it. This process is easy: To choose your pin, dial the number on the card. 

Additionally, now is the ideal moment to arrange yourself by installing the credit card issuer’s app, which will allow you to manage your credit card right from your hand. 

You can keep an eye on your spending, sign up for autopay, start earning incentives, and more within the app. You can pay for purchases or services in a beauty salon. Americans understand these conveniences more and more every year.

Advice on How to Get New Credit Cards

  • Even if utilizing credit cards might improve your score, you might want to see a financial counselor assist you to develop a strategy that will do exactly that. Finding a competent financial adviser need not be difficult. You may interview your advisor matches for free to choose which one is best for you using SmartAsset’s free service, which connects you with up to three local financial advisers. If you’re ready, begin your search for a financial advisor right now.
  • Even while you shouldn’t apply for every credit card under the sun, some might be more beneficial to you than others. You may pick a rewards credit card, for instance, that offers additional cashback or airline miles. To receive a better rate on your debt from another credit card while you pay it off, you may instead search for a balance transfer credit card.


How soon an issuer can approve you for a new credit card depends on a variety of variables. You should take your time while completing a new credit card application since you don’t want to make things more challenging than they have to be. 

The issuer is supposed to inform you within 30 days if you are rejected for a credit card. 

While being turned down for a credit card may be upsetting, use the circumstance to analyze your credit history and make plans on how to improve it.

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