How the digital transformation of Public Administration can be accelerated thanks to open source

The public sector has a great weight in the Spanish economy. The Public Administrations (AAPP) and Public Organizations They play a fundamental role in the construction of the Welfare State, offering citizens essential public services such as health, education, social services, pensions, administration of justice or transportation, among others. They are benefits that are aimed at a society that is experiencing a digital revolution and that expects the State to be able to adapt to its new needs.

The pandemic has put the needs of the public sector on the table in the face of such a changing and unpredictable situation, and has helped accelerate the pace of technological innovation. For years, he has been working on this digital transformation process and, when the pandemic hit, it ranked second in Digital Public Services thanks to the timely application of a digital strategy throughout the administration. We are immersed in an era in which changes are taking place at an ever-increasing speed, and everything indicates that the pace will only increase. Every year people process more information in our personal and work spheres. As technology spreads, it modifies the way we work and changes the way we understand the supply and demand of services and solutions. This, applied to our environment as citizens, also increases the demand on Public Administrations and the role they should play in your relationship with us as users of your services.

In this context of transformation of the Public Administrations, we are facing a real golden opportunity to continue contributing to the process of technological modernization of Public Administrations and Bodies, as reflected by the fact that a very relevant part of the more than 69,000 million euros that the EU has made available to Spain through the European Recovery Funds they are destined directly to modernize the Public Administrations through different initiatives included in Component 11 of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR). This modernization should have the capacity to revolutionize the relationship between the Administration and society in its double modality, either as a citizen or as a company.

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