How they can steal a Facebook account and what to do to avoid it

Malware and keyloggers

They can also use malware to steal passwords. In this case, the usual is keylogger, which is a type of malicious software that is responsible for collecting everything we put on the keyboard. It will know what passwords we put, usernames or any data that can be used against us.

Here we can also name the Trojans. It is a type of malware that is used by hackers to gain access to a system. They could see stored passwords, data that we have saved or simply act as if they were really in front of our device.

What are keyloggers

brute force or divination

Of course, another option they have is to simply guess what is the password of facebook. This can be achieved if we are using a weak password, which can be easily guessed. For example if we use our name, date of birth or any data that can relate to us.

Brute force is going to work especially with this thing we mentioned. If we use a weak, predictable key, they can use different combinations until they find the right one. For example if you use your name or mobile number, simple combinations of the type 1234 and the like.


Through spyware, which is basically malicious software that can collect data for example from the browser, they could also steal passwords. This is used to obtain compromised information from the victim and they use very diverse strategies, such as sneaking files through e-mail, downloads, installing fake programs…

In this way, through this malicious software they will be able to collect a wide variety of personal data. It is another method used to steal the Facebook password and gain access to our account without permission.

Linked apps

Something similar happens with other services and applications that we can link to facebook account. You can link other Internet pages, other social networks, platforms to buy online… You can even use Facebook to avoid having to register and log in to those other services.

But the problem comes when you link an application and it is not reliable. That can be used by hackers to steal the password and take control of the social network.

leaked keys

In addition, the facebook keys or any other social network could be filtered. It is not usual, especially when we talk about reliable platforms, but it can happen. Basically it means that there has been some problem with that service that we use and the passwords have been leaked on the network.

That’s when hackers will take advantage to access user accounts. They could find out the password, see personal data, read messages…

How to avoid these attacks

As you can see, hackers can use different methods to steal a Facebook account. It is important that you take measures to avoid problems of this type. Therefore, we are going to give some tips to protect the account as much as possible and avoid problems that affect our privacy.

Protect the account well

Of course, the first thing you need to do is properly secure the account. It is important to use a password that is strong and complex, since that will prevent brute force or divination attacks. Never use passwords that contain personal data, such as your date of birth, name, etc. It has to be random, have the following:

  • Letters (both uppercase and lowercase)
  • Numbers
  • special symbols

Also, it’s a good idea to enable two-factor authentication. To do this you have to go to the menu at the top right, enter Settings and privacy, Settings, Security and login and there you click Authentication in two steps. It is an extra security barrier, since it will ask for an additional code to the password.

Facebook Two-Factor Authentication

Use security software

You also need to have security software. A good antivirus, such as Avast, Bitdefender or Microsoft Defender itself, will help you avoid a wide variety of computer attacks. Always make sure you use a suitable one, that it works well and is updated correctly.

In the event that you accidentally click where you shouldn’t or download a dangerous file, the antivirus will be able to launch a warning notice and even eliminate it automatically. You can ensure that your security is always protected and minimize the risk of your Facebook account being stolen.

Install official apps

If you are going to install an application to use Facebook, make sure that the program you use is official. Cybercriminals can use maliciously modified software and pass it off as legitimate simply to steal access keys. That is why it is important that you always install official software.

To do this, you can go to the official Facebook website or also use reliable application stores, such as Google Play or the Microsoft Store. On those sites the programs will pass a filter and you will avoid installing modified software.

keep everything up to date

It is also important to have the latest versions of those programs that you are going to install, but also of the system itself. Sometimes hackers might exploit vulnerabilities that can be in a system. They could thus gain access to the Facebook account, for example.

In the case of Windows, to update it you have to go to Start, enter Settings, go to Windows Update and there you make sure to add the latest versions that are available. It is important that you do not leave any hanging files without installing, as it could cause security problems.

Update Windows 11

Common sense

But if there is something important, it is common sense. In many cases hackers are going to need us to commit some mistake. For example, that we open a false link, that we download a fraudulent file or that we expose the Facebook password in some way without us realizing it.

Therefore, to prevent this from happening it is important not to make mistakes. You must always maintain common sense, be alert and protected when browsing the Internet and using social networks of this type.

In short, as you can see, it is essential to be protected online to prevent your Facebook account from being stolen. Attackers could use many different methods and it is important to prevent them. Using security programs, keeping everything up to date or avoiding making mistakes is going to be essential to achieve this.

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