How to activate dark mode on Windows 11?

Windows 11 was the opportunity for Microsoft to make a major aesthetic overhaul of its star OS. The system offers many customization options, including dark mode. Here’s how to activate it.

If you are one of the internet users in a hurry and you have already installed Windows 11, you may already be setting up your PC with the little onions.

The new OS offers, like its predecessor, many customization options, for example the ability to return the Start menu to the left. If you want to go further, you can also change the colors of your system and switch to “dark mode”. We explain how to do it.

How to activate dark mode on Windows 11?

The procedure for activating dark mode on Windows has not changed compared to the previous version.

  • Open the app Settings
  • Go to the tab Customization
  • Choose menu Colors
  • On the line Choose your Windows mode by fault choose Dark in the drop-down menu

Your interface should then automatically switch to dark mode, including the taskbar which will be adorned with a very attractive dark gray. Windows native applications (Word, Edge, Mail) should also appear in dark mode.

How to activate dark mode on Windows 11 // Source: Screenshot

You can also switch only the system interface to dark mode, while keeping applications in light mode. Thus the taskbar, the Start menu and notifications will be in dark mode, while other software will remain in light mode. To do this, simply choose “Clear” in the section Default application mode.

Go deeper into Windows 11 customization

If you want to go beyond just adopting a dark mode, Windows 11 offers plenty of other customization settings.

Still in the color customization settings, it is possible to choose a accent color. You can change the color of notifications, active application indicators and internal system links, to a very pretty orange for example.

You can adorn Windows 11 with your favorite colors // Source: Screenshot

You can also turn off transparency effects or change the color of windows and the taskbar. All these options are available in the section Color, nested in the menu Customization Windows 11.

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