How to activate the dark theme on Google?

Google now offers the possibility of changing the theme on its search engine: you can activate light mode or dark mode at will.

This time, there it is: the dark theme has arrived on Google’s search engine. If you’ve taken a look at the home page, perhaps you have an alert on the service telling you the availability of this skin. Better late than never, some Internet users will no doubt say: it is true that Google has taken its time to offer another theme for its engine, unlike its other services.

Google is broadcasting a message to its community to warn of the availability of the dark theme.

We knew for a while that Google would sooner or later take the leap. Clues had been identified in recent months, which testified to the existence of tests. Last December, a Reddit user came across an unusual posting and shared his findings. Other experiments were noted a few months later, taking into account the preferences of the user’s OS.

How to activate dark mode in Google

If you want to benefit from this dark theme, know that you must obviously be logged in to your Google account beforehand – the option does not seem (yet?) Available for those who browse otherwise (for example in private browsing). Then you need to go to the search settings and then in the side menu on the left, choose “Appearance”.

This line is not available if you are not logged into the account. By default, the clear theme is displayed: you can change at will according to your mood or stick to the default settings of the system through which you access Google. Note that if you disconnect and reconnect, the theme selection is supposed to be kept.

The settings available in Google to change the theme.

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