How to add Netflix to your Pepephone rate if you are already a customer

One of the best fiber and mobile operators is Pepephone. A service that treats its customers very well and has now just added the possibility of contracting Netflix with your fiber and mobile rate.

As we told you, Pepephone does not stop giving away data bonuses, in addition to making direct discounts in the event of a breakdown. And now, the OMV owned by Grupo MásMóvil Just released three new rates with Netflix subscription included in the price.

We talk about combined fiber and mobile or mobile rates that include the basic Netflix plan, although later you can go to the Standard and Premium plan by paying an additional fee. Let’s see the prices and conditions for new and old customers.

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These are the prices of Netflix with Pepephone


It is not the first time that Grupo MásMóvil uses Netflix as a lure to attract new customers. Although it is true that the on-demand content platform is not exactly going through its best moment, especially after the loss of more than 200,000 customers, it is still the great benchmark in the sector, so, just as they did with Yoigo and Virgin Telco, now it’s Pepephone’s turn, which allows you to hire Netflix within its fiber and mobile plans

Pepephone rates with Netflix

Netflix prices on Pepephone

  • Fiber 600 Mbps + mobile with unlimited calls and 99 GB cumulative + Netflix Basic Plan: 50.90 euros per month.
  • Fiber 400 Mbps + mobile with unlimited calls and 25 GB cumulative + Netflix Basic Plan: 42.90 euros per month.
  • Mobile phone with unlimited calls and 99 GB cumulative + Netflix Basic Plan: 25.90 euros per month.

Note that, on the one hand, tAll additional mobile lines in the fiber plans are priced at 10 euros for the 99 GB option and 5 euros per month for the 25 GB rate. In addition, you can change from the Netflix Basic Plan to the Standard Plan by paying 5 euros or 10 euros if you want the Premium Plan.

Remember that the Netflix Standard Plan allows you to use the service on two devices simultaneously, HD quality, while the Premium Plan allows you to connect up to 4 different devices simultaneously, in addition to being able to enjoy all the content available on Netflix in 4K .

Last but not least, it should be remembered that none of the three Pepephone rates have permanence, so you can unsubscribe from the service whenever you want. To say that Netflix can now be contracted through Pepephone whether you are a new customer or if you are already a user of this OTT.

How to contract Netflix if you are already a Pepephone customer

Are you a Pepephone customer and want to contract Netflix with your fiber and data rate or just data? Calmwhich as you can see, the steps are extremely simple.

Steps contract Netflix in Pepephone

Mainly because all you have to do is access the Pepehone customer area, either through the web version or using the official mobile phone app. In the start section, which is where you have all the contracted products, you will see that a new line now appears that says “Add Netflix”. You will only have to click on the + button and, in the new window that appears, click on I want it.

At that time, you will receive a message to your email indicating the steps you have to follow, in addition to offering you the possibility of contracting the Standard rate for 5 euros or the Premium Plan for an extra 10 euros per month. As you may have seen, add Netflix to Pepephone It’s very simple, so if you’re a customer of this OTT and you’re interested, don’t hesitate to follow these steps.

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