How to Add Watermark to Photos or Documents on Mac


You can add text, watermarks, logos, and other images that appear in the same place in the background of each document page. These repeated elements are called section layout objects. The more transparent you make the object, the more it will blend into the background behind the document content.

  1. Click one of the object buttons on the toolbar to add a text box, shape, or image to any page in the section, and drag it to the position where you want it to appear on each page.
    If you add a text box, enter the text you want to appear.
  2. Click the Style tab in the Format sidebar
  3. To adjust the transparency (opacity), drag the Opacity slider to increase or decrease the transparency of the object.
  4. Adjust the size and position of the object on the page.
  5. Choose Arrange > Section Layouts > Move Objects to Section Layout (from the Arrange menu at the top of the screen).
    The object moves to the bottom of each page in the section.

By default, section layout objects are locked (cannot be selected).



It is an online PDF editor that allows the modification of documents. You can also add headers, footers and numbering. It allows commenting on PDF pages by highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, annotations, drawing shapes, adding text boxes, captions and others.

It is a PDF converter that supports various editable formats. You will be able to download the file in a matter of seconds with the integrated watermark. It has more features to edit your PDF online, but some have restrictions, either by number of attempts or by weight of the file.


24 tools

It is not an application as such, but a website. It is completely free and you can add the watermark you want, with no file or watermark limits. It is a tool to take into account if what you need is to quickly add a watermark to a file.

One of the disadvantages of this option is that you will not be able to add watermarks of drawings or images, you will only be able to add text. To add the watermark you will simply have to select the PDF file to which you want to add the watermark, and once uploaded to the web, you can add the text you want, adjusting both the size and the font.

Wondershare PDF element

wonder share

It is not an exclusive app to add watermarks, but rather it is a PDF editor. Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful PDF app that has basic functions for all users, such as watermark implementation, full file editing (split, rotate, crop, etc.) and drawing functions.

It has a free version in which some of the functions are restricted, and the paid version has a cost of 109 euros, something high considering that there are other apps and websites that can do the same or very similar functions at a price much lower and even free.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the premium subscription of the traditional Reader, and it is priced at 12.99 euros per month, just over 150 euros per year. If you need fast conversions and compatibility with other formats, this is the ideal app, since it converts any file to PDF or converts any PDF to other formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, JPG and many more options.

It is true that it has a somewhat expensive price, but it is a very reliable app that offers quality guarantees. You will be able to add the watermarks you want, be it text or image in a very simple way and without complications or hassles. It is an option that you should take into account if what you want is quality for your watermarks.

Applications to add watermarks to photos

If what you are looking for is that your photographs are marked and it is known that they are yours, you have a wide range of possibilities from which to choose the best option. These are simple and easy applications with which you will hardly have to make an effort to add the watermark.



PhotoMarks is a Mac application created to add watermarks to multiple images at once. The app is really easy to use and gives you a preview for each change, to have an overview of what you are doing. The process is simple: you add your photos, apply the watermark and select your output format and folder.

It allows you to insert various types of text, metadata and logos and fully customize them. You can scale, move or rotate your watermark where and how you want, adjust transparency, choose font and color, or apply special effects like brush stroke or shadow. For greater productivity, the tool lets you save your settings as profiles and use them later without going through the same process again.

PhotoMarks - Brand Photos
PhotoMarks - Brand Photos

iWatermark Pro


iWatermark Pro is a tool for Mac with support for batch image processing. This app is proud to offer several types of watermark: text, logo, signature, QR code, metadata or StegoMark. Unlike the other watermarks listed above, StegoMark is invisible and comes embedded in the image data.

iWatermark Pro allows you to customize watermarks to your liking. You can choose the position, scale, opacity, fonts and colors or apply special effects like shadow, aqua or emboss. The application can perform other optimization operations, such as renaming, resizing, or generating thumbnails.


TSR Watermark Image


TSR Watermark Image is another Mac program worth considering if you want to protect your visual content. With this app you can add watermarks to many images at the same time and upload them directly to WordPress or your FTP account. Optionally you can add frames to your images, some special effects, resize them or convert them to a popular format. The features are enough to perform the basic operations you need, but the interface leaves a bit to be desired.

TSR Watermark Image lets you put various types of watermarks: text, logo, 3D versions and adjust them with respect to placement, opacity, size, angle, fonts and colors. As for the placement, you cannot freely adjust it using drag and drop. You are forced to choose between nine predefined locations.

Mass Watermark

mass watermark

Mass Watermark is designed to watermark many images at the same time. The program gives you the opportunity to add text and/or logo to your photos, but also to create your own watermark from scratch with the help of the built-in design module. The app has been developed with a smart algorithm, which automatically scales the watermark to match the chosen position.

In addition to protecting your visual content, Mass Watermark can be used to perform other useful operations. Depending on your needs, you have options to resize images individually or in groups, crop and rotate them, and enhance their appearance by adjusting brightness, contrast, or RGB values. If you want to try it out, a fully functional trial version is available.

Add Watermark - Batch
Add Watermark - Batch



uMark is a tool for Mac users who want to add watermarks in many ways. With uMark you are free to choose between texts, logos, metadata, various shapes and QR codes. No matter what you choose and how many changes you make, you can see in real time how it looks thanks to the preview.

Of course, you can customize the watermark as desired. This means that you are free to adjust its position (not fully customizable in the free version), rotation, transparency, fonts, and much more. To make your work easier, the app allows you to save your settings and use them in another session.

uMark Photo Watermarker Lite
uMark Photo Watermarker Lite

Which one are we left with?

To add watermarks to documents, without a doubt the best option is pages. You won’t have to download any additional app as it comes installed on your Mac. Adding a watermark is very simple and will hardly take any effort, as knowing the app will familiarize you with all the controls.

Regarding photo apps, photomarks It is the one that stands out above the rest. It is a simple app that allows you to add any type of watermark to an image in a matter of seconds. You can use it both on the Mac and on other devices, which makes it much more complete.

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