How to add your health pass to Apple Wallet

If you are on iOS and want to have quick and easy access to your health pass, it is possible to import your QR Code into Apple Wallet to always have it on hand.

Since July 21, 2021, the health pass has become mandatory to perform a good number of activities. Whether it is to go to the cinema, to the museum or to concerts, it is now necessary to present a QR Code resulting from a negative test, a certificate of recovery or proving that you have been vaccinated.

This QR Code can be imported into the TousAntiCovid application, but if you have an iPhone and want even easier access to your health pass, it can be imported into the Apple Wallet application. Thus, you will have access to your QR Code with a simple double press on the On / Off button on your phone.

How to do ?

To easily import your health pass into Apple Wallet (named Cards in French), you will first need your vaccination, recovery or negative test certificate. Warning, only QR Codes in European format are compatible. If you were vaccinated before the arrival of the European QR code, do not panic, we will explain how to get the precious sesame here.

Once you have your document (in paper format or in PDF format on your iPhone), go to the CovidPass website from Safari on your iPhone. From there choose Start Camera Where Select File, depending on whether you have a paper document on hand or a PDF version stored on your iPhone.

If you choose to import from your iPhone, remember to take a screenshot of the area where the European QR Code is displayed. By sending the generated image rather than the PDF, you reduce the risk of error.

How to import the health pass into Apple Wallet // Source: Montage Numerama

Once your QR Code has been scanned or uploaded to the site, check the box I accept the Privacy Policy then click on Add to Wallet. The Cards application should then appear and allow you to add the QR Code to your iPhone.

Once done, you will find your health pass in the app, under any payment cards that you have already added. You will even be able to find it from your lock screen, by double-clicking on the On / Off button on your iPhone.

What about personal data?

If you are concerned about transmitting your health information to a third-party site, be aware that the CovidPass site makes its source code available on Github so that you can verify that no fraudulent manipulation is taking place. And if all this code is way too abstract for you, Guillaume Rozier, founder of CovidTracker and ViteMaDose, split a small tweet to reassure the cleanliness of the code used. The privacy protection policy is also available on the site.

CovidPass makes its source code and privacy policy available // Source: Github

Be careful though, adding your health pass to the Cards application means that your QR Code can be viewed, even when your phone is locked. If you want to avoid this, but still keep your QR Code in the app, go to the Settings app, then in the menu Face ID and code disable access in locked mode of the module Cards.

Your QR Code will remain easily accessible in the app, but it will no longer be possible to invoke it from your iPhone’s lock screen.

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