How to avoid scratches on your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro

In addition, another reason why it is always advisable to use a screen protector is the economic, since if you end up breaking the screen of your iPhone, it will hurt you a lot to know the amount you will have to pay if you want Apple to be able to replace the screen of your device with a new one and thus be able to enjoy one hundred percent of your iPhone 13 again o 13 Pro.

Keys to choosing a good option

Once you know the reasons why you should put a screen protector on your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, we want to tell you, before entering fully with the different screen protectors that we have selected, what are the different points that you have to have Take into account when choosing one option or another.

  • Do you want to cover the whole screen?. This is the first point that you have to be clear about before choosing a protector, and that is that there are some that cover absolutely the entire screen, while there are others that leave the notch exposed so that there is no interference between the sensors and the camera, with the user’s face.
  • If you like privacy and you don’t want anyone around you to see what you’re doing with your iPhone, there are anti-spyware screen protectors, which we’ll talk about later.
  • Many users, by putting a screen protector also seek to have a different feeling when interacting with it, hence they look for matte crystals.
  • Don’t you know how to put a screen protector? Don’t worry, there are different manufacturers that provide you with structures that will guide you and help you put the screen protector on correctly.

Traditional screen protectors

Now we start the compilation, and we do it with the most traditional options that you can find and that, usually, are the most used by all users. Despite not having any extra features, these are the ones that will provide you with an experience more similar to what you would have if you did not use the screen saver.

JETech Screen Protector

The JETech brand is one of the most popular in this type of compilation in which we bring you different options to protect the screen of your iPhone. In this case it offers a pack of up to three tempered glass panes that you can use with both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro, since although they are different models, the screen size is the same, and therefore they are fully compatible with both.

As we said, they are made with high quality tempered glass, which is capable of protecting the iPhone screen from possible scratches and daily wear, since it has a 9H hardness. its 0.33mm thickness makes it totally transparent and the experience you have when using this protector is as if you were not wearing anything on the screen of your device. It is very easy to install, being totally resistant to water, fingerprints and dust.

Spigen EZ Fit Screen Protector

Spigen EX Fit

If we mentioned earlier that JETech is always present in this type of compilation, in the same way it happens with Spigen, which is one of the manufacturers that manufactures more and better accessories for Apple devices. This alternative is one of the most popular, also for different reasons. First provides sufficient hardness, 9H, as to keep the device screen protected at all times.

On the other hand, the two screen protectors that are included in this pack are accompanied by two structures that will make it easier for you to put the protector on correctly. With this you just have to follow the instructions, which are few and very easy to perform, and in a few seconds you will have it perfectly placed on your device.

Spigen AlignMaster Full Coverage

Spigen AlignMaster

We continue talking about the Spigen brand, since in this case it offers a different alternative for all those users who they want the screen protector to cover absolutely the entire surface, without leaving a single millimeter exposed. In this way, unlike other options, the notch, which is the part that is usually unprotected, also has that layer of glass to avoid any possible damage.

In addition, it also includes an installation frame so you can put the screen protector on without problems, you will only have to spend a few seconds reading the small instructions that you have to follow to place it correctly. its hardness is 9H, so that you can protect the screen from everyday scratches and bumps that may suffer.

ESR Armorite Screen Protector

ESR Screen Protector

Let’s go with another option that will allow you to completely cover the screen of your iPhone, either the 13 or the 13 Pro model. With this ESR brand screen protector you will not leave a single inch of the screen exposed, also protecting in this way the element that is usually unprotected, which is the notch.

This pack of two units, in addition to providing you with the tempered glass, it also provides you with two structures to more easily put both screen protectors, which are capable of resist up to 50kg of strength, so you won’t have to worry about your iPhone screen. It has a finish that is specially designed to help keep the screen free of smudges or fingerprints, something that many users will like.

LK Pack Screen Protector

LK Pack Screen Protector

We end this category of screen protectors with an option that is loaded with protection for the iPhone. First of all it offers up three tempered glass, in this case designed for users who do not want to also cover the notch, and thus not have interference to use the selfie camera or face unlock.

On the other hand, it also includes other three lens protectors, although in this case they are only compatible with iPhone 13 Pro. Yes indeed, screen protectors are fully compatible with both 13 Pro and 13, since both have the same screen dimensions. In terms of hardness, they have the traditional 9H, so the screen of your device will be protected at all times. In the same way, they promise a fantastic experience when using it, in such a way that you will practically not notice that you have a screen protector on your device.

Anti-spyware screen protectors

One of the types of screen protectors that has been growing the most in recent years are antispyware. This type of tempered glass for the iPhone what provides users is the ability to make other people unable to see what is on the device screen, unless they look at it from the front, since if they look at it , or even yourself, if you look at it from the side, the screen will appear to be completely off.

JETech Privacy Screen Protector

JETech Privacy Screen Protector

The JETech brand returns to make an appearance in this compilation, we had already warned you that it has a wide variety of accessories for the iPhone. In this case, as you can foresee, it offers a screen protector that is capable of prevent other people from seeing what you are doing with your device.

This pack of two screen protectors is fully compatible with both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro, and also the manufacturer promises that it will be fully adapted to the device. As we told you, with this glass only those people who are looking at the iPhone from the front will be able to see what its screen shows, in such a way that the rest of the users who look at it from the side, will think that the screen is off.

UniqueMe Privacy Screen Protector

UniqueMe 2 Pack Privacy

We go with another screen protector to prevent the most curious glances from satisfying your wishes. In this case, it is the UniqueMe brand that is responsible for offering a pack of two tempered glass that have a double mission, on the one hand and the most important, to protect the iPhone screen, and on the other hand, to give you the privacy you are looking for when using the device.

Is made of military grade urethane that is capable of absorbing shocks, is resistant to wear and tear and also resistant to scratches that it may suffer from day-to-day use. It also offers a small guide that we recommend you follow in order to put the protector on the screen of your device in the best possible way and that there is no annoying pomp on it.

Anti-Spy Screen Protector

Anti-Spy screen protector

We finish the category of anti-spy screen protectors with this alternative offered by the Meeter brand thanks to this two-pack screen protectors that will give you up to two very important functions, such as the security and privacy of your device. By installing them, they will allow you, on the one hand, to keep the screen of your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro in good condition against possible bumps or scratches that it may suffer on a day-to-day basis thanks to the 9H hardness they have.

And on the other hand, they will prevent other people’s glances from finding something to see on the screen of your device, since with this technology that these types of screen protectors implement, they only let those who stand in front of them see it. the same. So it is ideal for all those users who want to have that extra privacy when using your iPhone.

Matte tempered crystals

As we told you at the beginning of the post, many users prefer to have a different touch when touching the iPhone screen, hence they choose not only to put a screen protector on their device, but they also seek that that protector has a matte finish that gives you that totally different feeling when interacting with it.

Mothca Matte Screen Protector

Mothca Matte Screen Protector

This matte tempered glass is made with Japanese glass using a uniform coating technique that guarantees the original resolution of your device’s screen. Of course, although this screen protector is Matte It does not interfere with the quality of the image that you will be able to enjoy on your iPhone 13 or 13 Pro.

It has the same technology as the matte screen used in Amazon Kindle products. The fact of having a matte screen means that you do not suffer from different reflections of light, even in situations where you are exposed to direct sunlight, providing you with a fantastic reading experience at all times.

BANNIO Matte Screen Protector

BANNIO Matte Screen Protector

We finish with this matte screen protector for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro from the BANNIO brand. This pack includes two units, which are also accompanied by two protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro lenses, so iPhone 13 users who buy this option will only be able to use the protective glass.

It has a 9H hardness, which makes the screen of your iPhone fully protected against possible scratches and bumps that it may suffer on a day-to-day basis. Matte surface is very silky to the touch, and provides you with a glare-free experience on your device screen even in the most critical situations where sunlight falls directly.

Of all the above, which one is the best?

Whenever we make this type of compilation we like to tell you which is, from our point of view, the best option within all the categories that make up this compilation. But before we do, we want to remind you that this is our personal choice, based on our needs and preferences, which may or may not be similar to yours.

As for traditional screen protectors, we definitely stick with the one Spigen EZ Fit, both for the experience it offers and for how simple it is to be able to put the protector on correctly. In the field of screen protectors that avoid prying eyes, the one that has convinced us the most is that of the JETech brand. Finally, for all users who want a screen without reflections, the matte protector that we choose is the Mothca matte screen protector.

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