How to bring Wi-Fi to the garden or any other external area in a simple way

With the arrival of summer the tradition of enjoying patios, gardens and pool areas returns. Let’s be honest, a moment of relaxation is good for all of us, and in many cases we take the opportunity to watch our favorite multimedia content and games, to interact with our loved ones through the main messaging applications, and we may also spend some time social networks.

To be able to do all of the above we need a Wi-Fi connection, since otherwise we will have to pull the data rate of our mobile device, and this could give us a scare at the end of the month. On the other hand, if we use devices that are limited to Wi-Fi connectivity, such as tablets and laptops, we will not directly have an Internet connection if our Wi-Fi is not capable of reaching the garden or the patio of the house.

This can be a problem for any home user, but also for professionals. I give you an example, a few years ago I was staying in a beautiful rural area of ​​Cantabria where they had precisely this problem, they were not able to bring Wi-Fi to all the facilities they could rent, and the most affected were those that were further away (on the upper floors), and the garden area with a swimming pool.

The owner he had it easier than he thought to find an efficient solution, but he was an elderly person with little knowledge of technology, and on top of that he had not been properly advised. Like this one, we can find many similar cases today, and you may not be clear about how you can get to the garden at home with Wi-Fi without having to invest a lot of money.

For all of the above, we have decided to share this article with you, where we are going to see what is the best way to take our Wi-Fi connection to an external area, and we will also give you a number of important recommendations so that everything goes well. As always, if you have any questions you can leave it in the comments.

Wi-Fi repeater or PLC with Wi-Fi, your two great allies

Both are the best alternative to take our Wi-Fi to the garden of the house or to any other external area, although the choice between one and the other will depend on the distance to be covered and the obstacles to be overcome. If we have the router in a zone near the last room before the garden, and the Wi-Fi signal reaches that room well but not the garden, the simplest thing will be to use a WIFI repeater, which must be connected to the plug in that room that is closest to the garden or that external area. For example, if the closest area is the kitchen, the repeater must be placed in a socket in the kitchen.

On the other hand, if the last room facing the garden or that external area is very far from the router and the Wi-Fi signal does not reach the best option would be a PLC with Wi-Fi repeater, especially if on top of that we have to overcome many obstacles and sources of interference. With this we will avoid having to link several repeaters to reach our goal, we will only have to connect the input PLC to a socket near the router and the output PLC to a socket in the room closest to the garden or external area where we want to take our Wi -Fi.

You should already be clear about which of these two options is the one that best suits your needs, but before we finish, let’s go with a series of tips that will help you to fine-tune the execution:

  • Place the repeater or PLC with repeater inside the house, thus avoiding exposing them to inclement weather from outside.
  • Don’t rush the range of the repeater. If you place it too far from the router, the usage experience may not be good, since the repeater will not receive the signal from the router strongly enough, and will not be able to repeat it optimally.
  • Think about your needs and choose the repeater or PLC with repeater that really suits them. If you are going to have parties or have visitors frequently, you will need at least a mid-high range device that has Wi-Fi 5.
  • You can limit the range if you don’t want it to extend too far beyond your garden.

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