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Today, in this hectic society, where we are always in a hurry and running from one place to another, it is increasingly difficult to take time for ourselves and enjoy a good book.

Thus the demand for audiobooks has increased in recent years, and in fact continues to do so. Many companies have seen this trend in the market and have developed programs or applications so that users can enjoy the best books in audio format.

Many of those users have subscribed to Audible, perhaps the reference application in the sector. Listeners subscribe to Audible for its unlimited audiobook service.

If you are one of those users, but now your tastes have changed, you don’t listen to as many audiobooks, you have opted more for podcasts or you simply want to reduce your subscriptions, in today’s article, we are going to see how to unsubscribe to the Audible service.

What exactly is Audible?


Audiobooks offer accessibility to traditional readers like never before. With the ability to discover and carry thousands of books in your pocketall within reach of your iPhone.

Audible is the most popular option, the one that has gained the most strength in recent years, among audiobook lovers.

The platform is owned by Amazon, and it allows listeners to set some parameters within the program or app to suit their tastes and preferences.

You can set notifications for new audiobook releaseslisten to audiobooks from the application, download titles or listen to them whenever you want without even having to have a connection.

The Audible Plus subscription option offers unlimited rentals of the most original and popular audiobooks. In addition, Audible’s premium option allows us to use part or all of a monthly credit that they give us to buy an audiobook and keep it forever.

But, if even so, you try and see that nothing replaces the satisfaction of turning the pages of a book between your hands, or the characteristic smell that they give off, also you can cancel the Audible subscription in a very easy way with just a few clicks.

How to cancel your Audible subscription

audible cancel

We are going to see the steps to follow to cancel the subscription to Audible from a computer. Follow the steps, it’s very easy!

  • We go to the Audible website, and we enter our account by logging in with our information.
  • Now click on the option “Account data”.
  • Below the text box with the details of your subscription which is still active, click on the option to put “Cancel subscription”.
  • Now it will ask us to confirm the Audible account that we are canceling.
  • We click on the phrase “Continue canceling.”
  • It will ask us to provide a reason why we are suspending our audible account, and we choose one of those options.,
  • Finally, we click on the option “Continue canceling.”
  • It is possible that before canceling the subscription, and somewhat desperately, Audible plays its last trick. They will try to throw us a subscription offer so we will accept it and stay.
  • If the last offer did not influence you, we click on “Finish cancellation” and we continue.
  • After completing the unsubscribe process, a message will appear saying: “We are sorry to see you go”.
  • And finally, you should receive a confirmation email about your cancellation. And that’s it!

Considerations before canceling

Before canceling the subscription with Audible, we should make sure that we really want to cancel the service, as there are several membership options available, so it is true that our preferences and tastes may have changed, but some of the plans may have. that it can adapt again to us.

Once we’ve Once the service has been cancelled, we will no longer be able to access the audiobooks or the podcast. Except that yes, if the audiobooks or podcasts have been downloaded with credits obtained from the Premium Plus subscription.

Also the service will restrict any content that can be streamed after the subscription ends. And you should also keep in mind that it is better to spend all your unused premium credits than “leave them” in your account, because they will not be transferred once you cancel.

Remember that also apart from canceling the subscription you can also suspend itin case you think you could return in a more or less short period of time.

Or even if you need more time to think before unsubscribing. To do this, click on the section “Account details”.

Finally, I have to tell you that you cannot cancel your subscription from the mobile application and you will always have to access a computer. And simply removing the app from your mobile device doesn’t affect your subscription either.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQ below or contact Audible support.

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