How to change spam filter settings on Mac

There are several options and various methods for the Mail application and its management. In this case we want to share with you one of the options we have to change the spam filter settings, but that will depend on many factors and the most important is the email we use itself, whether it be iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Most of the time you have to manage spam directly from the native mail application, Mail only manages the incoming mail is a recipient of it and sometimes if we want an email not to be stored in the spam tray we have to access the settings from the email client’s websiteThis cannot be managed from Mail on the Mac. In any case, this is another topic that we can see at another time, now we will see how we can manage the spam filter settings in Mail.

Change spam filter settings

The filter of these emails can be customized, but as we say, it is not used to perform all the tasks we want and sometimes you have to access the email itself directly from the web, be it Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. In this case we are going to see how to adjust the filter and for this we have to access from the app itself Mail from our Mac, clicking on Preferences and then on spam.

  1. Specifies what Mail should do when spam arrives. If you want to check what the filter identifies as spam, select “Mark as spam, but leave it in the inbox.”
  2. When you are sure that the filter correctly identifies spam, select “Move to spam mailbox.”
  3. To set other actions, select “Perform custom actions” and click Advanced.
  4. To ensure that the filter database is used to identify spam, do not change the default condition “This message is spam.”
  5. Select options to exempt posts from the review, such as posts from people using your full name.
  6. To filter any spam detection criteria inherent in messages, select “Accept spam message headers.”

Of course Mail is not the best mail management tool on our Mac, but in most cases you either use the native mail itself or use Mail for all taking into account your own limitations.

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