How to change the function of the PS5 DualSense buttons to your liking

Why change the buttons on the PS5 controller?

The option may sound quite strange to you, but in reality it makes all the sense in the world, and especially, it is focused on that small niche of users who often do not receive the necessary attention. And it is that in the end, video games should be enjoyed by as many people as possible, including those who suffer from some type of motor problem or coordination difficulty.

Those players who need to relocate some controls will be able to do so thanks to the system settings that are included in the PS5 software. It may be a completely unnecessary option for some, but to give you an idea, it could serve perfectly for those who come from another platform and want to have controls similar to those of another console, or simply out of sheer mania.

In any case, the most consistent function is to offer the possibility of making things easier for those players who really need help with the DualSense control, since customizing some buttons could help a lot in many cases.

Does the change affect games?

All changes applied to the controller will be reflected in all games. So, if you have swapped the roles of the circle button for the L2 trigger, this modification will also affect all the games you run. If you are looking to change the pass and shoot button exclusively in FIFA, then you must do it within the game itself, in the control settings menu.

For you to visualize exactly how the button mapping works from the system menu, basically the switch would work exactly as if you swapped the internal cables of the DualSense.

How to change the DualSense PS5 controls

To change the distribution of the buttons on the DualSense remote, you will only have to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing is to make sure that you are using the correct profile, since you could adjust the settings to the profile of another person who uses the same PS5. So log in with the profile you want to apply the new setting to.
  • In the event that you are logged in and want to apply the settings to a secondary profile, change the user by selecting the profile image in the quick start menu and select the option “Change user”.
  • Then you will have to go to the configuration menu. This section is located in the upper right corner of the screen, so go to the main menu by pressing the start button (if you are from a game or an application), press start and scroll to the top menu until you reach the option of Setting.
  • Within this menu you should go to the accessibility section, since that is where you can adjust many parameters related to shortcuts, the way in which graphics and screen texts are represented and even the possibility of activating audio transcripts chat.

  • In this case we will focus on the “Controls” option, the place where we can activate the function we are looking for for this tutorial.
  • Select the option “Custom button assignments” to be able to define all the options available in this option.
  • The first thing you will have to do is activate the “Activate custom button assignments” function, otherwise the configuration will not be active, even if it is already configured. This will allow you to have a configuration but apply it only when you need it.
  • The next option is the one we are looking for, since it will be the one that will allow us to Customize the buttons. When clicking on this option, the image of a DualSense with all its buttons will appear, and that is where we can establish what function each of the keystrokes will do. For example, if we want R2 to do the Square function, we will only have to select it and choose the option in the drop-down menu.

Once you have all the buttons customized to your liking and need, you will only have to confirm the changes so that everything is perfectly registered, and the buttons will begin to work as you established. Keep in mind that if you change the function of the Cross and Circle buttons, you may not navigate through the menus correctly.

Other configuration options

Within the Controls menu in the Accessibility section, you will find the option “Trigger effect intensity”. This option will allow you to adjust the resistance of the DualSense triggers, a feature that was released with the launch of the new controller, but which could be annoying for some players who cannot exert enough force on the trigger in question.

This option allows you to define the intensity of the trigger effect to adjust the tension of the L2 and R2 buttons depending on what is happening in the game. This way you can define how strong the resistance will be when you pull the trigger.

Another option is to exchange the analog sticks, being able to set the right stick to do the functions of the left and vice versa. This option would be completely unthinkable for many players, but surely some other user has been looking for it for years.

Finally, another option available is to adjust the intensity of the controller’s vibration, something that could annoy some users, so its deactivation or reduction to the minimum could help the grip of the controller for many players.

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