How to change Windows wallpaper daily

At SoftZone we always focus on finding a solution to operating system problems, looking from within, that is, without resorting to third-party applications, applications that, in the end, do nothing more than fill our computer with garbage. Depending on the version of Windows we have, we can use another application.

BingWallpaper for Windows 10

One of the main and most attractive features of Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, are the search engine wallpapers. Unlike Google, which offers us the same white screen background and a text box where we can enter the search terms, Bing includes a beautiful background image and on which we find the search box.

If you have gotten used to using Bing, you do it sporadically to enjoy the wallpapers that it offers us every day and you would like your version of Windows to do the same, the solution is to use the Bing Wallpaper application.

Bing Wallpaper works both with Windows 10 as with Windows 11however, for this latest version of Windows, Microsoft has introduced a native function that does exactly the same thing without having to install an additional application, as we are going to explain in the next section.

The first thing we must do is download the Bing Wallapaper application through the following link to the Microsoft website and install it on our computer. Before starting the installation, the installer invites us to change the default search engine and the home page in all the browsers that we have installed.

Install Bing Wallpaper

Once we have installed the application, it will automatically run in the Windows 10 start menu, so that each day it shows a different background image. It is not necessary to restart the device for the image to change automatically.

But, in addition, with the Bing Wallpaper application, the wallpaper that is displayed on the screen is also modified. windows 10 lock screen, an image that does not match the one displayed as the Windows desktop background. We can deactivate this option from the Windows configuration options, in Personalization > Lock screen.

In the Background section, click on Windows Featured Content and select any other image source.

Configuration options

Bing Wallpaper does not include any options to configure how the application works. The only option that the application offers us is the possibility of changing to the background image that the team showed days ago if we don’t like the one that is shown that day.

If we want to know the place where the photograph was taken, we must access the application configuration options through the application icon located in the Hidden icons section of the taskbar. In that same section, the author of the photograph will also be shown and where we can buy it, most of them being Getty Images.

Bing Wallpaper settings

The Bing Wallapaper app is not exclusive to Windows 10 and Windows 11. In fact, we can install and use it on any computer starting with Windows 7 From now on, versions of Windows that, like Windows 10, also allow us to select a directory of photos to choose from so that they are shown as wallpaper randomly.

how do i disable it

The only option that Microsoft makes available to users to prevent the Bing Wallpaper application from automatically changing the desktop background image is to use any other image that we have stored on our computer, using the right mouse button and selecting Use as desktop background. screen.

If the application is still installed, seconds later it will show us a notification informing the user that has detected a change in the background image and it will invite us to restore Bing Wallpaper to manage the background image.

Spotlight for Windows 11

With the release of Windows 11 update KB5014019, Microsoft introduced the Windows Spotlight feature, a feature that integrates the Bing Wallpaper app within the system, so it is no longer necessary to install this application on computers managed by Windows 11.

If you had it installed, you can uninstall it from your computer through the Windows configuration options, in the Applications section. If you don’t want to uninstall, you can continue using it without problems, since both functions do not conflict at any time.

To activate the function that allows Windows to automatically change the desktop background in Windows, we must access the Windows configuration options. Next, click on Personalization and in turn on Background. In the section, Customize the background, click on the drop-down box on the right and select the option Windows Featured Content.

Windows 11 Background

Unlike Windows 10, where the information about the image is displayed in the hidden icons section of the taskbar, in Windows 11 this information is displayed through an icon on the desktop screen, icon located at the bottom of the screen. Upper right.

Presumably, in future updates, Microsoft will make this icon disappear to integrate it into the taskbar options menu, just as it is currently in Windows 10. In this way, it will allow the user to enjoy a completely clean desktop and without any visual interference.

Other alternatives

Unless you have different tastes than most people, if the solution that Bing Wallpaper makes available to us is not to your liking, you can try one of the different alternatives that we show you below.

  • John’s Background Switcher allows us to use images from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or RSS feeds as desktop wallpaper. You can download it from its website.
  • With Wally You can also use images from Flickr, Yahoo, Pikeo, Photobucket, among others, as a Windows wallpaper. It is available at the following link.

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