How to check if your Intel Core 12 processor supports AVX-512

One of the cuts, unjustified for us, that Intel has made in its processors is to eliminate the support for AVX-512 instructions on your Intel Core 12. They have done this in the second batch with the aim that the Intel Xeon based on Sapphire Rapids have the exclusive use of these units. However, if you are interested in a processor that supports them, we will tell you how to identify them.

One point that both the Intel Core 12 and the fourth-generation Xeon Scalable Processors have in common is the use of Golden Cove cores, which receive the commercial name of P-Cores and which are symmetrical in both one processor and another. So both have AVX-512 units. However, Intel in the face of the second shipment of its chips decided to eliminate this capacity.

However, there are applications that are optimized to make use of these instructions and therefore gain execution speed by using them, so the fact that it has been lost in newer processors is a major loss on Intel’s part. . Doubly so, if we take into account that AMD is going to adopt them in Ryzen 7000 due to the fact that they will be adopted in Zen 4 cores. In any case, we anticipate that if you are going to buy a boxed processor from the store, we warn you that all those who have the tagline unlocked They lack such unity.

How to detect if your Intel Core 12 supports AVX-512

There are several ways to find out if your Intel Core 12 supports the so-called Advanced Vector Extensions in its 512-bit version. So we’ll start with the serial number that comes with the processor. The first remittances in your serial number start with V149 or X149 above and therefore will have the ability to execute AVX-512 instructions. Instead, the newer ones with serial numbers V202 or X202 have them completely disconnected. Where can we have doubts? If the code printed on our GPU package goes from V150 or X150 to V201 or X201, then in that case it will be a lottery.

The other important point you will need to check for AVX-512 instruction support on your Intel Core 12 is the CPU Control Unit microcode. You can do this with applications like HWInfo64 where is it is listed as MCU. In case that you find that the version is 0x16 or earlierthen this will mean that AVX-512 support is assured on your Intel Core 12, but still, there is one last point you will need to check which is your motherboard BIOS.

Let’s not forget that to activate the use of the AVX-512 instructions we have to carry out a process that consists of deactivating the E-Cores through the BIOS and not all of them have this capacity. So you may have the right processor and the right microcode, but that capability may not be included on your motherboard.

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