How to choose the best internet for teleworking?

Having the best Internet connection at home has become a priority for many households, especially those where someone is telecommuting.

Working from home is becoming more and more common and this situation involves searching and comparing the best fiber optic rates. Only then can a fast and secure Internet be achieved, ensuring that the needs of daily work are properly met.

First, keep in mind, what telecommuting model do you have?

This point is very important, since depending on the type of teleworking, one or the other conditions are required. The possibilities offered by fiber are multiple, so first you have to know what it will be used for in order to make a decision.

100% remote telecommuting

The 100% remote telecommuting demands a better connection for obvious reasons. The user works eight hours a day from home and the level of importance at each moment is maximum. The recommendation is not to skimp on resources, since a limited connection can affect work and, therefore, generate an inconvenience for both the worker and the company. In this case, a powerful modem with a high connection is needed. Even the idea of ​​contracting a high amount of data on the mobile phone should not be ruled out, since it can be used if the local Internet fails.

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In this case, we have combined options for fiber and mobile rates in companies such as Lowi, which are a good choice when the user completes the entire day telecommuting. This will ensure that the connection is fast and agile, without slowdowns or surprises.

Hybrid telecommuting

The kind of hybrid telecommuting It involves doing part of the working day in the office and part at home. The needs here are of a lower level, since the worker can always rely on the company’s Internet. It is, therefore, cheaper to hire a fiber with fewer megabyteswhile the mobile phone takes on a secondary role, since it will hardly be used for work.

A form of teleworking that many companies take advantage of is to inculcate it only during summer. So working with 4G connections may be enough for this period. There are options to install the Internet for a couple of months, such as what Lowi offers, whose line associated with Vodafone and 4G guarantees a good connection at all points, also those on the coast or mountains, which are common in the summer season. In addition, there are no permanence conditions, making it ideal to enjoy it for a short period of time.

What internet speed do I need to work from home?

The Internet for teleworking implies the best connection, such as a fiber 600 megabytes, since all work performance is subject to the quality of the Internet. Those who work partially from home can settle for a 300 megabyte line; while teleworking in the summer period requires a company that guarantees coverage and has at least 4G connection. If these two conditions are met, then a medium level speed is enough to meet the objectives.

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