How to choose the best virtual switchboard for your company?

Times have changed and the way we communicate too. Until recently, companies have always had a space dedicated exclusively to storing large equipment that allowed them to communicate with customers. In addition, they had a fixed telephone connected via cables to the physical switchboard, which reduced the possibilities of mobility. That is why more and more businesses have decided to switch to virtual switchboard, which is an IP telephony system that, by operating through the Internet, allows the internal and external communications of a company to be managed. In this way, it offers more features and benefits than the traditional switchboard. However, not all virtual switchboards are the same or offer the same functionalities.

Therefore, when it comes to choose the best virtual switchboard for your company, it is necessary to take into account a series of fundamental aspects. Fonvirtual, specialized in cloud communication solutions for companies, tells us what they are.

What technology do you use?

The first thing to keep in mind is how the switchboard works. In other words, one that uses the SIP protocol is not the same as one that uses the WebRTC protocol. Although both are protocols used in communication over the Internet, the mobility they offer to companies is not the same.

In the case of SIP, it is necessary to acquire what we know as IP phones, which are usually connected to a router. This makes the possibilities of managing our communications from anywhere other than the office difficult. In addition, we must install a softphone if we want to serve our customers from the computer. These softwares must be updated frequently, therefore, although the installation and maintenance costs are lower than in the case of the physical switchboard, remain elevated and they can generate a computer security problem if they are not permanently updated.

Therefore, the ideal is to have a switchboard that works with WebRTC technology. This protocol is open source, which makes it possible to transmit voice, video, messages and files between browsers. in real time. Therefore, as long as we have a device (computer, mobile or tablet) with an Internet connection to access any browser, we can manage our communications. It doesn’t matter if we are in the office or in a cafeteria. What’s more, we will not have to install anything, depend on cabling, or invest in equipment, so costs are greatly reduced.

Does it include internal communication tools?

In any company, in addition to taking care of contact with customers, it is important communicate appropriately with the team. Therefore, when evaluating the different virtual switchboard options, it is important to take into account what it offers us at the internal communication level. Thus, it is important to be able to manage our internal communications by voice, chat and video with the rest of the team. in the same interface from which we attend to interactions with customers.

This is the case, for example, of the switchboard that Fonvirtual sells, even allowing us to know the availability of our colleagues through different states. This facilitates fast and efficient customer service, as we can immediately know if we can transfer the call or message to our colleagues, avoiding customers having to wait.

Do you favor omnichannel communication?

Currently, communication goes way beyond phone calls. Its ease of use, the fact that it is free for consumers and that it allows to provide quick answers, among many other reasons, is what has made them an essential element in the customer service of many companies.

Implementing an omnichannel communication strategy with the appropriate tools will give us, not only the advantage of an efficient service, but also a element of differentiation with our competitors.

Therefore, the virtual switchboard that we choose for our business, must allow us to attend all our interactions from the same platformregardless of whether they occur through WhatsApp, Telegram, LiveChat or the call, chat and video buttons that we can implement on our website.

Does it allow integration with other tools?

In any company we not only find communication systems to manage customer relationships. It is very common to find a CRM known as Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho … or even one of its own development. Connect all tools that we have between them can help us increase our efficiency.

Choosing a virtual switchboard that allows integration with the different CRMs, can provide a great added value to our interactions with customers. With it, we can quickly know the customer’s data, since the moment we receive a call or a message, the token will be lifted automatically, having the possibility of modifying the information without having to abandon the call. The changes are recorded in real time, so that all workers will have access to data from anywhere and from any device.

Another of the integrations that may be interesting to assess when choosing the best virtual switchboard for your company is the option of card charge by phone. By connecting your payment gateway, the agent will simply have to enter the amount of the transaction and divert the customer’s call to an automatic system that will manage and process the data with the bank, without human intervention.

Does it include Artificial Intelligence systems?

Finally, one of the aspects that can make the difference between the different switchboard options is the use of Artificial Intelligence. With it, we can enjoy features such as call transcription or identification of the caller’s gender and language.

The real-time call transcription system of Fonvirtual, analyzes the context of the conversation so that the result of the transcription makes sense. Thus, as the dialogue between the interlocutors continues, the system considers various options until it finally transcribes the conversation accurately, regardless of the language in which it occurs.

Features such as voice mailboxes, welcome messages, announcements … are basic in any virtual switchboard offer. Now, among the different options that include them, it is not only important to compare prices, but also the value that each one brings us through advanced functionalities like the ones we just discussed.

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