How to create an event in the Apple Calendar app

Calendar is a native tool that is present on iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch or iPad. In addition, it is an application that appears by default in the Dock, a key aspect of the numerous advantages that it offers both in management and productivity sections. However, there are many tools in this app that most users are unaware of, so today, the La Manzana Mordida writing team is going to show you one of the most interesting ones.

One aspect prior to creating an event is to have an account associated with Calendar, either Gmail or Outlook so that you can create an event. Plus, the synchronization offered by Apple’s various operating systems means that if you create an event on your iPhone, it’s automatically included on other devices that share the same iCloud account, so you don’t have to worry about the notification not reaching your iPhone. other equipment.

Steps to follow

To add an event and manage it in the most correct way you have to meet the following deadlines:

  1. In the Calendar App, click on create event.
  2. A window appears where we have to determine the “title of the event”.
  3. Just below there is an option where we can add the location where the event takes place or if it is done through a video call.
  4. Then add the time that the meeting or activity starts and ends. Now it’s time to add an important aspect of the event, which is the travel time.
  5. Click on the “Travel time” window where you have to activate the aforementioned option. Then add the location where you start from so that the Calendar establishes the determined duration based on the type of trip, how you make the trip and the traffic there is. In addition, you can the time in advance that you want the event to be notified, with an interval of 5 minutes up to a duration of two hours.

Advantages offered by this tool

There are many advantages offered by this Calendar app, where one of the most important is the native character of it, so you always have access to regular updates at no additional cost. A second advantage is the possibility of previously analyzing the travel time and notification of when the event would be and what time you have to leave to arrive on time. The third advantage is the ability to personalizationsince you can determine that during the duration of the meeting you do not receive any notification to avoid distractions and, finally, another great point in favor is the possibility of adding a URL or topics to be discussed during the work meeting in the notes section of the Calendar.

To conclude, you can simultaneously use the Mail app, which is also native to Apple, along with the Calendar tool. In this way, you get a better management of all your projects and a unification of tasks in applications developed by those from Cupertino and above all, you discover all the benefits that the Apple ecosystem has.

Leave us in the comment box if you have ever used this creation and management of events and tell us about your experience.

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