How to create your charging base for Apple Watch with LEGOs

The Apple Watch is the excuse to play LEGO again

It seems that Reddit users have decided to break a spear in favor of LEGOs. You really want to get back to playing construction, but when you have a job, two kids, a dog, and a mortgage on top, you have to elaborate a little the plan to be able to spend Saturday playing LEGOs without looking like you’re wasting your time.

A few days ago, a user appeared on the Apple Watch subreddit showing how money had been saved in a charging base for the smartwatch. Instead of just going to the store and buying it, it showed a photo of a friendly support created By himself with LEGO pieces. A few users reacted by commenting on the gadget in question, but it wasn’t long until some redditors New versions of the invention began to upload. And that was not a very original thread. If we pull Google, quite a few charging mounts for the Apple Watch had already been previously posted on Reddit made with LEGOs.

In a few days, this phenomenon has become the perfect excuse to take the blocks out of the closet box and play for a while combining pieces to create a unique and personalized support with LEGO pieces. And share it on the forum, of course. There are those who build a totally minimalist base and on the contrary, those who assemble a whole transformer. The trend seems to be increasing, so it is possible that in Cupertino they are taking notes. These are some of the most creative designs that have appeared on Reddit, although many more designs will likely be released in the coming days.

Shabby minimalism

It is not a spectacular design, but it combines the minimalism with the fact of not wanting to drop a penny. If you spent the entire budget on the iPhone and Apple Watch, with such a design shabby you have to go pulling for a long time.

The floating monopod

The great challenge of building a charging stand for the Apple Watch (or even any smartwatch with a magnetic base) is thinking about what to do with the strap. The user Ingo053 A structure has been made in which the watch remains in the air, so that the bracelet does not collide with any element of the base. Besides having a useful design, it looks quite nice (to be made of LEGO, of course).

Mechanical workshop

The user selfhood a kind of mini workshop with his LEGO blocks to charge the clock. It simulates the typical hydraulic jack with which cars are lifted while they are being repaired. Has it all: allows the cable to be wrapped around the column, the strap does not get in the way and the set has a lot of creativity and charisma.

The dock that would become George Lucas

One of the downsides of living on planet Earth and not on Tatooine is that there are no kid-making races here. But to make up for it, we have LEGO pieces. The user johnny-generalissimo a really fun base has been made using a pack of LEGO Mindstorms which above combines perfectly with the strap of your watch. At the moment, he is the one who takes the gold medal.

What should I keep in mind if I want to build my own Apple Watch base out of LEGO?

Okay, now that we’ve seen a few designs, we can draw a few quick conclusions to make a cool design:

  1. Form follows function. It doesn’t matter how complex your structure is. Make it useful, or it will be easier for you to buy any base on Amazon. Spend the time it takes. And if with the days you come up with a way to improve your design … do it.
  2. Hold the magnet well. It is essential that it does not move from the structure. Hold it with whatever it takes. If you can just do it with the toy bricks, fine.
  3. Don’t forget the strap. The bracelet is the most delicate part of the design. Leaving it in the air is a great idea, but if you can think of a better way to create your dock, all yours. In the end, the grace is to make a design that is cool and that we do not mind having on our table.
  4. Be careful with the cable. If you can camouflage it, great. Also try to avoid that it can be damaged in the event of a jerk. This way you will not have to disassemble the entire structure.
  5. Think about the final color and finish. Once you have your design in mind, you don’t need to randomly combine colors either. If you have enough pieces to make a design that matches your smartwatch on top, all the better.
  6. Don’t forget to share it. Show your creation to the world. Discuss with other users to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of your design. After all … They are LEGOs! If you have a better idea in mind tomorrow, nothing is stopping you from taking apart and re-creating a new thing.

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