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Although it is true that most Apple users use the music service that the company offers, Apple Music, others, for taste, interface or price, prefer Spotify. When we listen to music on Spotify, Have you ever noticed an awkward pause that occurs at the end of a songmaybe a little longer than we would like, just before the next song starts? We’ll fix it with crossfade.

This happens, among other things, due to the calm beginnings or exits that the songs usually have, added to transactions made by the music services themselves. It can even be a distraction when you listen to music to focus more on a task, or when you use your Spotify music service to liven up a party, of course the best thing that can happen to you is not a pause in the music to break the party atmosphere achieved

Fortunately, the guys at Spotify offer a series of options created to improve user experience in this regard, including the ability to cross songs, crossfade.

If you enable this crossover feature, and set the parameters correctly in Spotify settings, you will never have those annoying pauses between songs again. Let’s see how to do it!

What is Crossfade?

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Crossfade is a technique developed by DJs whereby, one song fades out rather quickly as the next beginsmaking a perfect transition, to have a much more complete, more satisfying experience.

When the songs end and the next one begins, no gaps are left, and the music keeps playing. This eliminates any silence issues during multi-song playback and it is true that on certain occasions It greatly improves the experience of the moment. It is not the same to apply it to a playlist that we are listening to at home, than when we are playing a playlist in dance classes, for example.

It is true, that there are some moments in which applying crossfade may not be the best option, as it could be in some types of albums that focus on the very transitions artists make to move from one song to anotherHow can the album be? A Black Mile to the Surface by Manchester Orchestra.

On that album, the band mixes each of the songs to make it on the record, so that it plays as if it were a single continuous piece of music. It’s a unique way to create your own crossfade really, so if you set the crossfade option in your music service, then you would miss out on this special music effect, very well crafted and implemented on this album.

But the truth is that in most cases, with the exception of very few cases, it is more advantageous to apply some kind of crossfade level in Spotify. If you want to find out how to do it, keep reading this article.

How Spotify Crossfade works

The solution to Spotify problems is simple crossfade

The option to crossfade in Spotify is disabled by default in new music service accounts, so you would have to activate it manuallybut it’s pretty easy to set up on both the desktop and mobile versions of the app.

The Spotify music service allows us to set the fade between songs, in a range of 1 to 12 secondsaccording to our taste.

For example, if you choose to crossfade for 10 seconds, the songs will fade out as follows:

  • The first 10 seconds of the next song it will start to play very smoothly.
  • The last 10 seconds of the currently playing song will begin to fade out gradually.
  • After those 10 seconds, the fade between one song and another will be complete, and you will only hear the next song.

Since enabling the crossfade functionality in Spotify will automatically turn it on for all playlists, artists, albums and songs, it’s best to find a fade balance that you like. The best thing will be to try it, according to the songs or artists that you usually listen to, and check for yourself that such is the result, see if you like it.

Advantages of enabling this option on Spotify

Personally, I have been testing this functionality for the last week, and with very few exceptions, due to the very diverse types of music I listen to, I have verified that the time of «fusion»The one that I like and convinces the most, the one that fits best, is only 3 seconds.

This time has helped me find a balance between the different styles of music I listen to, without also ruining the musical experience, even when the artist purposely transitions between songs. In addition, it has also helped me minimize the amount of silence I hear when I put a playlist that mixes several artists or when I apply the shuffle option.

Now that we know about the existence of crossfade on Spotify, it’s time to implement it on our music account.

How to enable the feature on desktop Spotify


  • First of all, we will launch the Spotify app and click on our username in the upper right corner.
  • We click on the section Setting.
  • We scroll down until we reach the option Reproduction.
  • Activate the first option, Crossfade songs.
  • Use the slider to decide how long you want your songs to crossfade.

How to enable crossfade on mobile

  • Open the Spotify app on your mobile device.
  • Tap on Setting or the icon of gear which is in the upper right corner.
  • We play now in Play.
  • Use the slider that appears, to adjust the amount of crossfade you want.

And that’s it, we would already have crossfade activated in our Spotify account, it’s that simple.

Finally, you should keep in mind that if you are using Spotify Connect to stream music to another device, You will only be able to access the fade settings on the device that is playing the music.

And you, did you know about this setting on Spotify, do you use it? Let me know in the comments!

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