How to customize the Share button on the Xbox controller

PS4 was the first to worry about having an exclusive button on its DualShock 4 to share content of what we were doing with the console. The idea was being able to capture screenshots of those achievements that we reached, or save videos with exact moments of the game. Behind, there was that fever to have a YouTube channel and upload content to see if we became a digital celebrity.

What if you don’t use the share button?

So Microsoft, with Xbox One, he left the entire generation that his controls did not have any specific button for these tasks since it was entrusted almost exclusively to Xbox, which when pressed offered us certain shortcuts to obtain screenshots or record videos easily. It wasn’t until the presentation of Xbox Series X | S when those from Redmond already decided to add a faster way to share content on social networks, etc. through your gamepad.

Of course, that we have that button there does not mean that it has use. Surely a large majority of current Xbox Series X | S users do not share this type of content so in practice what they have in their hands is a game controller with a completely useless button. And what can we do to fix it? Well, change it, give it another meaning and function thanks to the possibility that Microsoft has incorporated to assign it other tasks.

How to change the button action

With the latest update still reaching some users, We can now change what this Share button will do when using it, and for this we simply have to create a specific profile of our controller. The idea that Microsoft has is that each of the players who play the same console on a daily basis can define exactly what this button does when pressed in each case. Some will want to keep it to take screenshots, but others prefer that pressing it skips Twitch directly, or a Netflix-style streaming video application, Disney +, HBO Max, etc.

To configure this button, the first thing is to go to the console, touch the Xbox button to navigate through the menus to the Configuration of the machine. Next, in the left column, look for the Devices and connections section and to the right you will see a series of different sections that you can choose from. You go to the Accessories.

Once inside you will see that your gamepad appears in the first position, which is the one you have in your hand right now. Access to configure it and once inside you will have to create a new profile, with your name for example, to go on to assign what each of the buttons is going to do. The first that will appear is to modify the assigned task by touching Share, where you can choose between searching, pausing or starting playback of multimedia content on the console (a series, a movie, a YouTube video, etc.), lower the volume, raise it or start an application. Obviously, by default we always have the possibility of leaving it as it is as the only way to capture and share content.

Once you have it to your liking, you just have to save the profile and remember to have it active every time you sign in with your Xbox account on the console. Thus, even if another user accesses it, your share button on the gamepad will maintain that new functionality that you have assigned to it.

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