How to delete or deactivate your search history on Amazon

If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, it is very likely that you buy often on the site, as it is likely that you share the account with someone because of the convenience, and it is not necessary to pay twice or triple to make purchases or enjoy services such as Prime Video. The problem, of course, is privacy.

For example, say that you want to give a gift to someone with whom you share an Amazon account: once ordered, there is no problem… unless that someone comes in beforehand to look at things and the first thing they see is those suggestions from “continue from where you left off” either “keep shopping┬╗ that appear in the foreground on the web or app. Little can be hidden in that case.

It is true that the possible situations are many and varied, but we will simplify it with the previous example -you don’t even have to buy anything on Amazon, you can simply be looking for ideas- so as not to dwell on it and get straight to the point, which is how to delete or disable search history on amazon to avoid unwanted pillages.

Well, there is a simple way to do one or the other and for this you just have to enter the Your search history page, display the option “history management” and choose whether to “turn browsing history on/off”, something you can do temporarily so that nothing is recorded”, or choose the final solution: “remove all items from view”.

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Remember, of course, that once the order is placed, the purchase is shown on other sites within Amazon, but you get rid of everything appearing as soon as you access Amazon and not only in the designated blocks, also in “offers inspired by your recent history”, “more products to consider”, “related to articles you have seen”, “customers who have seen products that appear in your history of navigation have also seen┬╗, etc.

Also remember that you can subscribe to Amazon Prime for free for a month.

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