How to delete your games from the Nintendo Switch … and how to get them back

To do so, follow the following Steps:

  1. On the Nintendo Switch main screen, hover over the game you want to delete and press the ‘-‘ or ‘+’ button on your remote Pro or Joy-Con.
  2. The game options will appear in a very complete menu. Go to the tab “Data management”.
  3. Click on «Archive the program ».
  4. Read the warning, accept the dialogue and ready.

Delete a game

The process is literally the same, only we will not keep the video game icon in question. This second method is more suitable if you are eliminating a game that you never intend to play again.

To do this, repeat the process. Hover over the game, open the menu by pressing ‘-‘ or ‘+’ and under “Data management”, click on “Delete the program”. You will be asked for confirmation and there will be no trace on the video game console.

What happens to my games if I delete a game?

Animal Crossing GlitchNeither of these two methods what did we just show you delete save data of video games. The process is designed in this way so that you do not accidentally delete your games when doing a free space operation.

The data of the games stored in your console can only be deleted if you go to Settings, Data management and you go to the end, to the option “Clear save data”. There you can delete the games of the games that you are no longer interested in keeping. You can also transfer the games to other consoles in the option that is just above.

If, in addition, you have Nintendo Switch Online, your games will also be saved in the service on the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Once you download the games again, you can return to the game as you left it.

How to manage games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch - SanDisk Card

Once you’ve purchased multiple digital games, the best thing to do is buy a microSD card for your console. The best are the calls microSDXC, which are high capacity. Our recommendation is that you get at least one credit card 128 GB. They are quite cheap, and in them you will be able to store quite a few games. If desired, the console supports cards up to 2 TB capacity, but using such large memories can negatively affect the loading times of your video games.

There are a ton of cards of this type on the market, and Nintendo even sells its official cards at a collaboration with Sandisk. Sold in sizes of 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB and are decorated with motifs from Super Mario, Apex Legends, Animal Crossing and Zelda. Although it is not something that we should care too much about, since we are going to insert the card into the console once and we are hardly going to see it again. If the design does not interest you, you can buy other identical cards, even of the same brand for a few euros less.

Once you have your new card inserted into your console, the best thing you can do is transfer some titles from the Switch’s internal memory to the microSD. The process is the following:

  1. Go to Console configuration.
  2. Go to the tab Data management.
  3. Enter the option “Moving data between the console and a microSD card”.
  4. Click on the option “To microSD card”.
  5. Will load a list of titles that are on your console, and you can mark them to be transferred to the microSD.

As a recommendation, the best thing you can do is keep in console memory the apps you use regularly, like Twitch. If there is a game that you make a lot of use of, it will also be interesting that you continue to have it in the memory of the console instead of on the card, since the loading times will improve. You can send programs and games from the microSD to the internal memory of the console by repeating the previous steps and selecting “To the memory of the console”.

How to redownload your games

Nintendo Switch 2020 Games

Once you have more capacity available on your Nintendo Switch, tap redownload video games that we had removed.

If you did the deletion with the Archive option

Go to the Nintendo Switch menu and look for the icon of that game. Click and the eShop for you to complete the process.

If you did the deletion using the Delete option

  1. Open the Nintendo eShop from the menu of your Nintendo Switch console.
  2. Select the user profile who made the purchase game you want to redownload.
  3. do click on your username, in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Select the option «Download again» in the drop-down of options that are shown to you.
  5. Browse through the list of games until you find ethe title you want to reinstall on your console.
  6. do click on the icon of the cloud with an arrow.
  7. The game will start downloading immediately and you can play again as soon as the installation is complete.

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