How to delete your Twitter account and other social networks

After the recent announcement of the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Mask, we have been able to see a great wave of reactions that celebrate it, and others that seriously criticize it, even threatening to leave the social network. And it is that although these platforms have already become normalized in our society, not everyone is in favor of this type of public showcase for their lives.

That is why on this occasion we wanted to collect and present this quick about How to delete your Twitter account and the rest of the main social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, in a process that may vary between temporary deactivation or their complete disappearance.

How to delete your Twitter account

Starting with the social network on everyone’s lips, the method to delete your Twitter account is quite simple and quick. So, in this case we will perform all the action through a web browser:

  • The first thing we will do is obviously access Twitter and log in with the account in question.
  • From the main menu, in the left column of options, click on the “More options” marked with an icon of a circle with three points. After pressing it, a small drop-down menu will open with several options, among which we will select “Settings and privacy”.
  • Once on this page, we will only have to click on the option “Deactivate your account” already visible, and click on the «Deactivate» button again to proceed with the complete deletion.

Before the last step, the social network itself offers us the ability to download our Twitter datafor which we will have to complete both an application and the download process before proceeding to deactivate the account.

After this, to ensure that the company can delete your Twitter account, all you have to do is avoid signing in with your account for a period of 30 days. And it is that if we log in from any device once this process has started, we will stop it, canceling the elimination.

How to delete your Facebook account

Unlike other platforms, in the case of Facebook, before deleting your account we will have the option to create and download a copy of all our information collected on the social network, such as our photos and publications, as well as a copy of our Oculus information in the event that it is linked. And it is that after deleting our account, there will be no way to recover anything.

So, to proceed with the deletion of the account, we will only have to follow a few short steps:

  • Sign in with our main profile, and click on the arrow button at the top right.
  • From this drop-down, we will select the option of “Settings and privacy”and immediately afterwards, “Setting”.
  • Once on the configuration page of our account, we will access the section of “Your Facebook Information”in which we will be shown an option to open the process of deactivation or elimination of our account, which we can access by selecting the link in “View”.
  • At this point, we will only have to choose if we finally want to delete our Facebook account completely or if we just want to disable it, which will not delete our data, but will keep the account hidden from other users. Once the decision has been made, the social network will ask us to re-enter our password and confirm our choice.

delete facebook account

Additionally, we will have a period of 30 days from the start of the removal process to cancel it. On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the fact that Facebook could take up to a maximum period of 90 days from the beginning of the process until the true removal of all the content that we have published. Although in pursuit of our privacy, during the duration of this process no other Facebook user will be able to access these contents.

How to delete your Instagram account

Interestingly, despite the fact that the mobile is the main platform on which this application is used, we can only deactivate our account when we enter from outside the application, via web browser on any device.

  • Sign in to our account.
  • We will open our personal page by clicking on the person symbol at the top right.
  • We will click “Edit profile”.
  • By scrolling to the bottom of this page, we can find an option called “Temporarily deactivate my account”.

delete instagram account

  • Next we will have to give a reason of “Why do you want to disable your account?”, and confirm our password.
  • Finally, we can select between the options of “Temporarily disable account” or “Permanently delete my account”, according to our preference.

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