How to delete your WhatsApp account

If you have decided to quit WhatsApp, the final step is to delete their account. Here are the steps to follow.

One of the biggest controversies in tech in 2021 was the decision to change WhatsApp’s terms of service to cross data with Facebook. is not called into question, it is the conditions under which this change was made that are problematic.

In this regard, it is clear that Facebook intends to force the hand of Internet users who are trying to avoid the new conditions of use, in force since May 15. If the service has sometimes blown hot and cold, testimonials show that WhatsApp makes sure, sooner or later, neutralizes certain features, which degrades the experience and makes the application less and less pleasant.

The WhatsApp messaging app. // Source: CCO / Flickr

Under these conditions, perhaps you have made the decision to look elsewhere, for example by switching to Signal or Telegram, two rival instant messaging services. Perhaps you have even previously exported the chat history you had on WhatsApp in order to find your exchanges on your new platform. And maybe you are thinking that it is time to delete WhatsApp.

If so, here’s what to do.

How to delete your WhatsApp account?

  • Open the mobile app and click on the vertical ellipses at the top right of the screen;
  • Choose “Settings”, then “Account” and the line “Delete my account”;
  • Make sure beforehand that you have retrieved all the media and discussions that mattered to you;
  • Finally, enter your telephone number in the field provided for this purpose, click on the red button;
  • That’s all !

delete whatsapp

This procedure should only be followed if you are clearly aware that it is irreversible: you will lose not only your account, but also message history, existing groups and cloud backups. You can of course come back to WhatsApp if one day you change your mind, but this will be done with a blank profile (unless you have kept your history aside).

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