How to disable Siri on any device?

Disable Siri on Apple

Siri is considered as one of the most efficient assistants on Apple devices. However, it can become annoying when it can’t understand your orders, especially in Spanish. In these cases, know how to disable siri it is a gift from God.

In this opportunity we will explain how to disable siri on your device, step by step, so you can understand it better. We will also tell you about the future of this AI, pros and cons, in case you regret deactivating it. But before all this, let’s remember What is Siri and how does it work?.

What is Siri? How does she work?

In a few words, it is a virtual assistant, to which you can ask all kinds of questions to obtain data from the internet. Or simply give it commands to access commands from your iPhone or iPad.

For example, you can ask it to tell you the concept of quantum physics, or order it to play a specific song on Spotify. All this thanks to voice recognition.

How does it work?

Siri works through a system of speech recognition and natural language processing. When a user asks a question or gives Siri a command, the virtual assistant converts the audio to text and analyzes it to determine what action to take.

If Siri needs more information to complete a task, it can request it from the user. Once Siri has included the request, it uses different APIs and background services to perform the corresponding action, like sending a message or opening an app.

Disable Siri on Apple

Finally, Siri provides a response or performs the requested action. In short, Siri works by combining voice recognition technologies, natural language processing, and connection to different services and applications.

Depending on the model of your device, you must press a specific button. It can be the start button, the one in the sidebar… They also work with AirPods. In any case, the operation is the same.

Now, if you already knew all this and still want to know how to disable siriThen I will explain how to do it.

How to disable Siri on any Apple device

To disable Siri on any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac), follow these steps:

iPhone and iPad:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Tap on “Siri & Search”
  • Disable the “Siri” switch


  • Click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Select “System Preferences”
  • Click on “Siri”
  • Uncheck the “Allow Siri to respond to voice commands” box.

It’s that easy and fast to disable Siri on any Apple device. Now, let us know some reasons why we should disable Siri.

2 reasons why you should disable Siri

  • Privacy: Siri requires access to personal information and records all queries and actions performed by the user. By disabling Siri, the privacy of personal information can be protected. Turning it off can help protect your private data
  • Battery saving: Even when Siri works in the background, it consumes a lot of power from your battery. Making your device download faster.

Why should I still use Siri?

There are certainly drawbacks and flaws in virtual assistance that need to be improved. But, if you are one of those who accept these errors and you have doubts about whether or not to continue using Siri. I will also tell you some reasons to reconsider your option to disable siri.

Here are some reasons why someone might want to keep using Siri:

  • Comfort: Siri allows you to perform many actions and inquiries with just your voice, which is more comfortable and convenient than doing it manually.
  • Integration with Apple devices: Siri is available on many Apple devices, making it easy to use everywhere.
  • advanced features: Siri has many advanced features, such as the ability to send messages, make calls, set reminders, and much more.
  • Accessibility: Siri can be useful for people with disabilities who find it difficult to perform manual actions on their devices.
  • constant improvements: Apple is continually improving Siri and adding new features, which means there will always be more reasons to use it.

What is the future that awaits Siri at Apple?

How to disable Siri on iPhone

It’s hard to predict the future of Siri at Apple with any certainty, however the company is expected to continue improving and developing technology in the future. Some possible trends mentioned by the same Apple programmers are:

  • Improvement in artificial intelligence: Siri will probably improve your ability to understand language and respond to queries.
  • Integration with more applications and services: Siri could be available in more apps and services, making it more useful and intuitive.
  • more natural interaction: Siri could understand more colloquial language, becoming more inclusive to understand newer generations.

However, all these improvements that are integrated into an AI (Artificial intelligence) suggest less privacy for the user. Since the improvements are obtained thanks to the data collected from the users, we allow the use of said app.

For a computer to do more for us, for us to have to do less. Consequently, we must agree that they have more control and information about us.

Should virtual assistants be part of our daily lives?

To finish, let’s reflect on the influence and power that AI or virtual assistants are having on our daily lives.

Virtual assistants, like Siri, can be helpful in making daily tasks more convenient and efficient. However, it is important take into account the privacy and security of personal information when using them and evaluating whether their use is really necessary in our daily lives.

In short, Siri is a useful and convenient tool that allows users to control their devices more naturally and easily. But that with the passing of time, he ends up learning more about us than ourselves.

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