How to download a Mac operating system. All the possibilities

How to download a Mac operating system.

Surely on some occasion you have wondered how to download a Mac operating system to do an installation on another computer, or simply to do a clean format or update of your system. There are several methods to achieve them, the simplest, fortunately or unfortunately, are already having a computer with the macOS operating system. However, it is also possible to do it from a Windows computer.

In today’s article we will see how and where to get the installation files of an operating system, whether you have a computer with macOS installed or not.

First of all, let’s understand what we are looking for. What we need to install a macOS operating system We actually need your installation image. Just as on Windows computers it would be an ISO, in our case we are looking for a DMG file. What we will get with this guide is only an installer, not the operating system as such. Then we would have the task of installing it on our system, but let’s focus on this first step.

How to download your operating system from your Mac itself

Before going into how to get the DMG image as such, we will see this previous step. If what we want is download the macOS operating system to install it on our own computer If you already host this system, there are several better options than searching for the entire system image.

Download an operating system from the Mac App Store.

Download the operating system from Settings

It is worth remembering that We can access operating system updates from System Settings. This may eliminate the need to search for the DMG file. Unlike other operating systems, Apple’s macOS is capable of updating between final versions of different years. We can do this with a clicksimply searching for the updates available on our Mac.

Download the operating system from the Mac App Store

In the same way that old Mac models updated their versions through the Mac App Store, before including this search for updates in Settings, just as we currently have in iOS and iPadOS. We can search for updates from here if what we are looking for is to do a system update, as in the previous point.

If, on the other hand, we continue looking for the installer, We can also search the Mac App Store by the name of the operating system, as is, that simple. As if it were any application, we can click on Get to later download it. PodemYou can even start its installation from the same operating system in action. If, on the other hand, we want the DMG file, it will be located through the system file search engine.

Download the operating system from recovery mode

Another very simple method that exists if what we are looking for is to do a clean installation of a Mac, or we simply want to reinstall the operating system of a computer that does not start or has some error or bug. Can access the operating system installation from recovery mode In two ways:

Reinstall macOS from recovery mode.

Normal recovery mode:

This boot mode It will start by simply holding down the CMD + R key combination when our Mac starts up. This mode will start quite quickly, and in it we can find several utilities of the mode in question. Among them will be the one we are looking for, Reinstall macOS.

Updated Recovery Mode:

This other startup method It will be executed when we hold down the CMD + Option +R key combination during startup of our Mac. Unlike the previous method, which will install the version of the operating system that the computer already has or had when it was last installed, this will search the Internet for the most recent version compatible with the computer and run its recovery utility subsequently. This means two things; first of all that It will ask you for a Wi-Fi network or wired connection to perform that search, and it will take a few minutes to start.

The operation is the same in both once the recovery mode has started. All you have to do is click Reinstall macOS.

How to download a Mac operating system from Windows

This point can undoubtedly be the most complicated, since Apple does not make it easy to access its DMG files. If in doubt, if you have another computer or someone you know who has a Mac, the easiest thing to do would be to follow the previous step to get the installation file from the Mac App Store. However, if this is not possible, There are some methods left to get system images of the bitten apple.

macOS DMG file.

Official links provided by Apple

Some versions of macOS are provided by Apple through direct download through a web browser. Unfortunately, practically all of them are old versions. However, as we mentioned previously, the need to install on a Mac It will always be easier from its own integrated recovery mode. It will always be available, it cannot be deleted or uninstalled and it will save us many problems and a very considerable amount of time.

However, it is true that the operating systems that are available through direct download are already old versions of macOS. Some of them are even from models that lacked recovery modeso they would need this download method.

These are the direct official links to the Apple repository for available operating systems. All of them, always in the latest version that was published:

macOS 10.12 – Sierra

Mac OS X 10.11 – El Capitan

Mac OS X 10.10 – Yosemite

Mac OS X 10.8 – Mountain Lion

Mac OS X 10.7 – Lion

As you will see, macOS 10.12 – Sierra was the first Apple operating system on Mac to release the name macOS as we currently preserve it.

Methods to get a DMG file.

About obtaining the installation files online

Although the possibilities of operating system images that Apple can offer us openly through a web link are limited. By Internet We can also search and obtain the most current ones. In the same way that a user with a macOS computer can download and extract the DMG file from their own computer, The Maqueros communities share them publicly.

However, this is a software distribution practice that in theory should not have any problems, but They are not distributed in a controlled manner, much less given the danger to its integrity we do not recommend and stick to the previously mentioned methods.

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