How to download Final Cut Pro

Apple is not only responsible for giving users the devices they need to be able to carry out all their professional tasks, as well as develop their creativity to the fullest, but also provides many tools through its different applications. Today we will talk about one of them, Final Cut Pro, so you know how you can easily download it.

Steps to download Final Cut

As you know, Final Cut Pro is the video editor that the Cupertino company has developed for all professionals dedicated to video editing. Furthermore, we can state that it is together with Adobe Premiere, one of the most used applications by all users given the huge number of functions it provides, whether it is using a chroma key, using different plugins or even you can also edit audio, giving editors many possibilities when it comes to unleashing their creativity.

How could it be otherwise, as it is an application that has been conceived, designed and developed by the Cupertino company, the way to download it is really simple, and you only have to access the App Store, search for Final Cut Pro and hit the download button. However, below we leave you the steps explained in detail.

  1. Open the app from the App Store on your Mac.
  2. click on Look for.
  3. Put “Final Cut Pro«
  4. Choose the application.
  5. give to to download.
Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro

Of course, you have to take into account two fundamental points and that is that it is paidalso its price is quite high, since it is an application that has been designed for professional use. However, Apple provides a 90 day free trial. In addition, you also have to fulfill a series of requirements which we leave you below.

  • Have macOS 11.5.1 or later installed.
  • 4GB RAM
  • Metal compatible graphics card.
  • 1 GB of VRAM.
  • 3.8 GB of free disk space.

Is it worth paying to use Final Cut Pro?

Once you know the steps you have to follow if you want to install Final Cut Pro on your Mac, surely the question that arises is, is it really worth paying for Final Cut Pro? Well, it all depends on the use you are going to make of the application itself. Its price is high €299, but as we said, it is a tool for professionals. In addition, it is a single payment, not like other alternatives that to use them you will have to be paying monthly.

Final Cut on Mac

If you are going to give a lot of cane professionally or your goal is to dedicate yourself in a short space of time to professional video editing, without a doubt it is one of the best apps for which you can choose. Its interface is very intuitive, and if you have also previously started editing video with iMovie, which is Apple’s other video editor for beginners, adapting to Final Cut Pro will be a matter of a few minutes, since they share many processes and ways of doing certain actions. However, our recommendation is that, given that the Cupertino company offers up to 90 trial days, take advantage of them, try to make the most of them, and after that, you will surely have the answer to whether it is really worth paying for this application.

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