How to enable night light in Windows 10 and 11

The night light function in Windows is part of the configuration of Microsoft operating systems since the “Creators Update” version of Windows 10 and is intended to protect the eyes from the blue light emitted by computer monitors.

Protect as much as possible, it is understood, because it is a feature that is activated via software and the ideal would be to use screens with certified protection or -better- additional polarized filters to those included in the monitors. In any case, you will see how it is a improvement against eyestrain especially if you have to use the monitor at night and then have a hard time falling asleep.

How to enable night light in Windows

The night light function acts in Windows as a blue light filter for screen, replacing the bright colors we normally wear with warmer tones. Its activation in Windows 10 is as simple as clicking on the corresponding icon in the notification system that you can find on the taskbar.

From the notifications it can be activated/deactivated by clicking, but if you want to have more control over this function, you can manage a couple of features in the notification tool. General settings, Display section.

night light in windows

There you will see how you can increase or decrease the intensity of this night light. Personally, I use values ​​between 30 and 40, but try the ones you feel most comfortable with and, by the way, it doesn’t interfere with the use of the equipment. You can also manually set the activation times or (if you have location turned on) the feature will run automatically when it gets dark.

How to enable night light in Windows 10 and 11 30

This feature is managed in a similar way in Windows 11. Directly in click notifications:

How to enable night light in Windows 10 and 11 32

And also from the internal Configuration tool:

How to enable night light in Windows 10 and 11 34

To say that the night light in Windows can be combined with another function that has spread across all operating systems and major applications. We are talking about “dark mode”, a graphic theme that improves the display in some environments, protects the user’s eyes in low light environments and also some screens, especially OLED, which are more prone to problems due to the increase in contrast that this type uses. panel.

Although night light is more effective against blue light, you can combine it with Windows dark/light mode to see the differences.

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